CB: My first born is now a 21-year-old little lady who will always be my blue-eyed baby girl. She has a sweet soul and good nature, loves music and the water. She has been diagnosed with: Chronic Static Encephalopathy, severe ("low functioning") Autism, severe cognitive impairments, an uncontrolled generalized seizure disorder, and scoliosis. Though officially a young adult, CB 's overall functioning in speech and language, socialization, cognitive and motor skills is equivalent to about an 8 month old to 1 year old. She requires 1:1 supervision and all self-care done for her. She has a smile that will melt your heart.

PINK:   My 12-year-old, sensitive, kind, mannerly, second born. She's pretty much the "big sister" of the family and we call her a  "little Mommy." She is CB's biggest helper and cheerleader!

TINK:  A 10-year old little peanut who, simply put, loves the air she breathes. Her thermostat is set on "happy" at all times. She's funny without even trying to be, and always keeps it real.

RELLA:  Our baby is now 9-years-old! She's grown from a little mischief-maker into a strong girl filled with kindness and curiosity. Everything she does, she does 110% and she never, ever quits.

DR FABULOUS aka THE HUSBAND:  He prefers to keep a "low-profile." He's of course, fabulous.

ME aka DR MOM: I'm the author of this blog, a freelance writer with a doctorate in clinical psychology, runner, occasional triathlete, coffee lover, and breast cancer survivor.

In 2017, a dream came true when my first book was published with VeloPress: Women Who Tri: A Reluctant Athlete's Journey Into the Heart of America's Newest Obsession.  It's available online at Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon, IndieBound, Indigo, (my publishing house) and directly from me at my website. Visit my author website for more information about this book!

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