Saturday, November 1, 2008


CB: 15 year old, lanky blue-eyed girl with a sweet soul and good nature. She has been diagnosed with severe Autism, severe cognitive impairments, a seizure disorder, hypothyroidism, and scoliosis. She is non-verbal, receptive language at about a 8-10 month old level, needs all self-care done for her, and she is still in diapers. She has a smile that will melt your heart.

PINKILICIOUS: AKA PINK 5 1/2 year old, sensitive, warm hearted, girliest girl in the whole girlie-girl world. Prone to Super Drama and teen angst one minute, but is CB's biggest helper and cheerleader the next.

TINKERBELL: AKA TINK 4 year old, dangerously beautiful and insanely smart little peanut. Watch out - she's a petite waif of a package with elfin eyes but she's got a BIG huge personality. Fiercely independent but cuddly and charming. Knows herself inside and out.

RELLA (AS IN CINDERELLA): 2 year old little linebacker. She's the boy we never had. Climbing, getting into mischeif, physically active. She's a cinderblock with arms and legs. An ADORABLE cinderblock I might add. Her eyes are the palest summer sky blue.

HUSBAND: Prefers to stay anonymous. He's of course, a total stud who does nothing wrong (how's THAT sweetie?)

ME: Author of blog, stay at home mom, just trying to get a shower every 5 days, stay sane, and keep my kids from needing therapy later in life. So far, haven't accomplished any of the aforementioned.
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