Thursday, May 12, 2016

tHERsDay: Prepping for Prom

Tomorrow will be CB's last prom. 

It will close a week of flying solo on the home front. A busy week filled with work, multiple doctors appointments for me and CB, after school activities, middle school orientation, buying and returning 600 prom dresses that didn't work, and CB's shenanigans like escaping the house in the early morning with no pants on... breaking plates... having seizures... not sleeping through the know. The usual.

But tomorrow is PROM so none of that matters!!
It will be bitter sweet.

Her first prom was MY first prom. When I reminded my husband of that, he looked at me and said "I didn't know you were such a loser!" Of course, he was joking.
Truth is, I was a total loser straight through high school. Who cares? It was seven years of my life. Thank goodness no one asks you for your popularity score at a job interview, on a date, or when embarking on a new friendship as a grown-up!!

And, guess what? I have attended six proms since my "loser" days with the best date I could ever ask for. I guess that makes me a winner... in more ways than one. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Mother's Day

One more year, one more great Mother's Day. Can you believe I've been a Mom for almost 21 years? That's a lot of Mother's Days under my belt, and I look forward to many more to come.

After a week's worth of clouds and rain, the skies turned blue and the sun finally came out! The fields were so saturated, however, that our three soccer games on Saturday were cancelled. Due to Mother's Day there was no swim on Sunday. What I'm trying to say is that the weekend was totally chill for once.

And I got my annual Mother's Day picture. Yay!

We had our North Jersey contingency down for the whole weekend, which was very nice. My girls went to the Children's Theater with their little cousins, we had dinner together as a great big bunch on Saturday, then reconvened for Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday. It's great to spend that quality time with everyone.

You know, I've had Mother's Days when kids were sick and puking, Mother's Days where there was a stream of dirty diapers and night wakings. 

I've had Mother's Day in the vineyards with wine, breakfast in bed, and afternoons at the spa. I've spent Mother's Days completely alone with a non-verbal CB, and Mother's Days rubbing my belly waiting to meet the little one inside me. No matter what I do, where I go, what I get... it's all good. 

This year, CB got up at 6:45 am, but at least she slept through the night so I was happy.
And, unlike other random days, I got a few pretty things just for being a Mom...

Of course, I cried reading the cards the girls made me. I got through two before I broke down. Big improvement from years prior. Yes, I AM a total freakin' sap.

The above silver bracelets were given to me at dinner on Saturday night by my entire family. It was in  celebration of my one-year "Cancer Free" anniversary. What a huge surprise, and a very sweet one. Mother's Day will forever come on the heels of this anniversary and I can't think of a better way to remind myself of what I will forever fight for. 

The day came to the perfect end when Dr. Fabulous picked up sushi and some beer. After the kids went to bed, the paaaarty started. And by party, I mean watching the Antique Road Show snuggled on the couch with my man, drinking a few of these. 

That, my friends, is what I call another perfect Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2016

The One Who Made Me A Mom

Today I attended a sweet Mother's Day Luncheon at CB's school. Our last school luncheon, as my "senior" is graduating this June! It's a year of "last times," and a year of new adventures. I will miss this stuff.

How lucky am I that I get to do these things with my 20 year old, though? When my little ones were in preschool, they always had a cute Mother's Day Tea or Luncheon. Once they hit the first grade, that whole scene was pretty much over. But, with CB I got to enjoy these fun times for the good part of her 18 years of school. 

What I'll miss the most is walking into her class and watching her face light up. Today, she practically tackled me with the longest, warmest, most heart felt hug. I could have cried on the spot, but I was too busy laughing!

I love all my girls, and each have a special place in my heart. With CB, she's the one who made me a Mom. It was just me and CB against the world for nine years before her sister came onto the scene. We have a lot of history between us. 

I'm glad she came first because in all honesty, she has made me a better mother. 
I learned how to give without expecting anything in return. To care for another so completely and intimately. To trust someone loves you even when it's never spoken. To appreciate the little things because they are the big things. To chose happiness even when things suck. 
To accept that things are what they are. 
To accept that people are who they are and not love them in spite of it, but because of it. 
To understand that motherhood isn't about YOU. 
To understand that we can't control anything, really. And that's not only okay but it's good. 

And that sometimes people make you go without sleep for weeks and you still love them anyway. Even more than coffee.

And for that, and more, I am the luckiest Mom. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dear Cancer, Bite Me. A 1-Year Anniversary Post

Today, May the Fourth, marks my "One Year Cancer Survivor" anniversary. I don't know how these anniversaries technically work, but this is the day I selected. I didn't want to pick the day I was diagnosed, since that day was a total buzzkill. Not feeling like celebrating THAT bull crap. I could have selected January 20th since that was my surgery day, and the day technically all cancerous tissue was excised from my body. 

But, I always thought the day that most commemorated me kicking Cancer's stupid a** was the final day of my 30-day radiation treatment. The final step in a five month journey. The. End.

I'm not gonna lie. It was also cool to have it on Star Wars Day. "May the Fourth Be With You." You know I love me some metaphor and serendipity.

The past few weeks, I've been seeing those "Facebook Memories" pop up on my page. You know, where they show you a post or picture from one, three, five years ago and you're all like "Wow, I remember that!" Well, the posts that have been popping up are reminding me that this time last year, I was coming to the end of my 6 weeks of daily radiation treatment. I affectionately refer to it as "Bell Ringing Day." 

Yeah, I rang that mo' fo'. 

When I read those old Facebook statuses, what stands out to me is an immense feeling of gratitude, even then. I remember that gratitude with such emotional clarity. In fact, it is still present today. Grateful for amazing friends, for a supportive and compassionate community, and the family that came to support me when I needed it. If I was strong and positive during it all, I deserve little credit. Strong is easy when no one ever lets you fall.

So, in celebration of the tremendous support I received throughout that five month journey, I volunteered with Hearts United Against Cancer this morning. I remember receiving one of their beautiful Care and Comfort Bundles right after my surgery and how loved I felt. Last May, I began volunteering with the organization so I could be a part of paying that support forward. It's been one of the most rewarding things I have been a part of. 

Dr. Fabulous has to work really late tonight, but I'll be celebrating my "One Year" with these little clowns. 

Grateful. Happy. Strong. And far better now than I ever was before. Because every bump in the road just makes us stronger. And being together makes us the strongest. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Our Last First Holy Communion

Well, we had our last little girl celebrate her First Holy Communion. It was, like all the "last times," a little bittersweet. But to her? It was all sweet.

We had a super busy week, stuff after school until about 9:00 pm every night that week... which is basically par for the course in the Fall and Spring. Friday night, Dr. Fabulous and I had another black tie affair, our third hospital gala ('tis the season) which would be all fine and dandy if I didn't have to be out of the house at 8:45 am the following morning with a primped little princess and 30 people coming to my house for lunch afterwards.

Hectic? I guess. Or, you could say it makes your life feel full and rich and happy. 
So what if you're a little tired? Sleep is overrated. Just ask CB. She has been up all night for the past several weeks!

So, the morning was very special and the girls and boys looked so cute... not that it's about how you look... but nevertheless, it was an adorable bunch all spit-polished and fancy!

So, this "time stamp" on my photographs is killing me. I couldn't find my camera charger for my nice 35 mm Canon. Of course, it didn't help that I was looking for it the morning of ... when it was all crazy up in here. So, Pink's like "Mom, you can use my camera," which was a very nice gesture but #1 I don't really know how to use her camera (which is a nice one, by the way) so half the pictures were blurry and garbage and #2, I didn't realize she has this freakin' time stamp feature and it's on every single photo. I tried my best to edit it out of most, but still. So annoying. I shoulda just used my phone camera instead. Whatev.

It was cold and raining that Saturday morning... then it turned into SNOW.  Yes, snow in mid-April. What the heck? It ended up being 1 to 2 inches. It was crazy and nixed the outside pictures...but it looked really pretty.

Pink was dying to make Rella's cake. I was initially all stressed and grumpy about it as it would surely cause much more work and chaos than just ordering a cake and picking it up. Then, the wise Dr. Fabulous said "Enjoy these moments while we have them." He was right. She did an awesome job, she enjoyed herself, and it turned out absolutely beautiful. And, honestly, other than getting her the supplies? She did every single thing herself. The roses are sculpted out of fondant and the cross freehand cut out of fondant too. Inside was pink velvet and white cake. I was super proud of her.

And, I was super proud of my baby girl. My baby is 8 and celebrating yet another milestone. Life is going by so fast, but I'm enjoying getting to know my girls and watching them grow into amazing people.

And I really enjoyed the fact that the snow cancelled all the Fall travel soccer try-outs on Sunday so we had a complete sleep in, stay in pjs, veg-out day. It. Was. Awesome.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

tHERsDay: The Devolution of an IEP Mom

Today was CB's very last IEP meeting. The last one I will attend EVER. 
I've been going to these suckers since she was three. At least once a year. Every three years, twice. 

So, here's the evolution - or devolution - of me as the IEP meeting Mom. When I first started attending these things, I was a 29 year old overwhelmed mother and full time graduate student. I'd sit with my pens and legal pad, ready to take notes. I'd read everything prior and think of questions to ask. I was on top of my game and ready to take on the world. 

Then, these meetings just became rote. I'd lug my other little ones with me and they'd color while the Child Study Team and I talked. It became a social time, actually. She had the same teacher for many years in a row, the same therapists, the same administration. They all watched my kids grow up. They watched CB grow up. 

I never missed a meeting in 18 years. Until today.

Her Senior Exit meeting. The final IEP of my life, and I never wrote it on my calendar. I freakin' MISSED IT like a giant idiot.

It's been that kind of week. Don't even get me started.

Well, 18 years of IEPs have come to a close. I mark this monumental day by leaving her team sitting and waiting and wondering if I'll ever show up. Like the awesome Mom I am. 

It's kinda funny when I think of how I rolled into this new world and how I'm rolling out. 

Well, CB... I guess we both have a case of Senioritis. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Science Geeks

The girls nerded out this year and did their school science fair project together. The best part? They did it TOGETHER which was awesome. Tink is in fourth grade and Pink in sixth, so I was worried they might want to do their own separate thing. But they were excited. Which meant less stress for me!

Their project, which they did 100% on their own (with the exception of me buying the supplies) was to show how a raw egg can bounce. You can actually do this quite easily at home. Just soak an egg in white vinegar for 1-2 days until the shell is dissolved. Then, run it under water and gently rub off the white part that is under the shell. You will then see this transparent membrane and the yolk inside.

And, you will be able to BOUNCE the egg with a gentle drop of a few inches. (It's not a super ball and so don't like throw it on the ground expecting it to bounce like that.)

The "experiment" part was to try different types of vinegar and see what differences there were. They tried Rice Vinegar, Red Wine Vinegar, Balsamic, and Apple Cider Vinegar. They had some interesting results. Try it!

It was really neat to see all of the projects and the kids seemed to have a great time. It made a busy week even busier, but it was definitely worth it.
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