Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girl Scouts and Gorging and Guilt... Oh My!

Okay, is it bad to eat an entire sleeve of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies in a 10 minute period? Then, follow them a few hours later with 4 Carmel deLites (and oh, they ARE deLite-full!). Then, skip dinner because you feel like a beached chocolate whale and instead opt to have a giant glass of red wine at 9:00 pm? This isn't really the kind of nutritious diet I'm going for... especially since I haven't gotten on my million dollar elliptical (I begged my husband to buy me) in about 7 months now.

Damn those Girl Scouts and their cookies! I didn't even BUY these ... they were gifted to me by my niece... well, by her mom who bought them and then didn't want them in HER house. Thanks.

When I don't have this stuff in the house, it's outta site outta mind. Now, it's here and I can't control myself. I need to throw them out. Give them away. Or just gorge on them today and they'll be gone tomorrow. I like the latter.

Excuse me while I go tackle my last box: the dreaded Peanut Butter Patties. You will pay, Girl Scouts of America. And your little dog too! Some how... some way... I'll make you pay...


Michelle said...

The boxes do seem extra tiny if you ask me. A whole sleeve couldn't possibly be the equivalent to an entire sleeve of any other cookie on the market. I say eat up, worry later. Bathing suit season is a good 3 months away. And BTW, caramel delights are MY favorite. So you can send them my way.........if there's any left!

Jeannie said...

Those Caramel Delights are the devil. I'm with you on the Girl Scouts. Those darn cookies.

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