Sunday, June 28, 2009


When most people hear I have 4 girls, it usually causes a stir. "God bless your husband" is usually first. An eye roll and a reference to the amount of money we will be shelling out on hair, clothes and make-up in teenage years is next. "Better save up for all those weddings" is yet another. I usually chime in with the whole "girl drama" thing, probably because I'm realizing how dramatic they are NOW. Add 10 years and *gulp* I don't know if I'll survive. Especially when they're all on the rag.

Ah yes, girls. ALL girls. My girls.

My girls drive me insane...

with joy.

They make my face hurt

from smiling so much.

They bring out the forgotten girlie girl side of me...whether I resist or not... and WHY resist?

Girls. Yes, ALL girls.

I think it quite rocks.

I mean, without girls there is no DANCE recital!!! Oh, yes. It's just THAT delicious, if I do say so myself. Oh, it's girliness to the Nth power!!

Rella was mesmerized by the show. Or bored. Who knows...

And, though I have all girls who love pink and Barbie, and dressing up, let's get one thing straight. These girls can burp and toot with the big boys. They'll clear a room. In fact, the most petite and girliest looking of them all is Tink. But this girl is far from dainty.

Tink poops like a man - sitting on the toilet for 40 minutes. Her voice is loud and boisterous, she loves trains, snakes and matchbox cars, and she'll get muddy and dirty in a heartbeat.

And at a birthday party, she'll be the one eating the cake like a dog.

Say what you will about "all girls." I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Elizabeth said...

They're all so adorable! I am one of three girls and have several friends with four girls! I think it's fabulous...

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I love the photos! Reminds me of my own dance recitals as a child. Having two boys, I haven't seen a dance recital in a long time!

Beth L. Gainer said...

I love this posting!! Your girls are beautiful. People who make stupid remarks like about you paying for their weddings need to really be quiet. Each of us makes our own choices about how many kids to have and how we want our lives to turn out.

BTW, within the next month, I'm adopting a daughter from China. She's a little over 1 year old. I'm petrified of motherhood. I won't be having any other children, and I'm judged for this. I've been told that having an only child is wrong. I wish people would shut up about our choices.

Anyway, your blog left me with a little more courage and conviction that motherhood is fun, as well as hard work.

Claire said...

I come from an all girl family too! We are not close, however, just sort of tolerate each other. Too bad! I was definitely the surrogate son in the group (which chapter is that in your psych books, Alicia!?)...I farmed with my dad...drove tractors, loaded grain, all of that fun stuff. Hated dolls...loved Tonka toys, but didn't have any! So Sad!! I felt that the boys had all the fun in my day. I also ate like Tink, if no one was looking. So much more sensorial (great Montessori word when you are making excuses for yourself..hee, hee).

Laughing Stars said...

Beautiful post!

tiffrutherf said...

I love my girl, she gives me one more shot at being "girly" again!!
I cant wait till she gets into Barbie!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures! My mother-in-law (former dance instructor) might have a bone to pick with you though. Boys DO and SHOULD take dance! I know there are major stereotypes when it comes to boys and dancing, but there really shouldn't be. And you know my son would sign up in a heartbeat if it meant winning over the girl of his dreams :)

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

@michelle - Ah, you (and your mother in law) are SO right! Yes, there IS a stereotype and so often i forget about the boys. It was interesting bc out of the entire 2 hour recital and all the dance classes that performed (4 year olds through adults ) there was only ONE BOY class of only THREE boys. That was IT. but there they were, about 6 and 7 years old i think. They did a hip hop routine to the beastie boys "intergalactic"... it was the cutest darn thing EVER! and yes, boys who dance get their pick of the girls, for SURE :)

Anonymous said...

Growing up there were 4 girls in my family. All girls, all the time and we LOVED it. We thought we were the Little Women. And Mary, Laura, Carrie and Grace from Little House on the Prairie. =)

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