Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As Fine As A Bee's Wing: An Essay By An Old Friend, Inspired By My Daughter

An old friend of mine from my 'former life' in Maryland reached out to me recently. I met her when CB was about 4 years old and attended a private program for children with Autism. CB had a same-aged classmate, K, and I quickly befriended his mother, Lori.

After my move from Maryland to Jersey I fell out of touch with Lori. But through an accidental email, we reconnected. Still an Autism activist, and as you will soon see a great writer, Lori sent me a link to a recently published essay in Age Of Autism, a daily web paper about the Autism Epidemic. She wrote about CB... MY little CB... changing her name to "Riley" and mine to "Theresa." I was stunned that CB made such an impact on my friend's heart and mind and immensely honored that she wrote about my child so sweetly and with such affection and poignancy. And, of course, it brought me to tears mid-afternoon.

You can read this beautiful essay written by the talented Lori Brozek and inspired by MY CB (aka 'Riley') over at Autism One HERE.


Elizabeth said...

I'm off to read the article, but in the meantime wanted to tell you how glad I was to see your blog at the top of my blogroll. I've missed you and hope your holidays were good. Happy New Year!

Claire said...

Ditto Elizabeth. Welcome back!!

michelle said...

Been thinking about you. Hope your holidays and move were manageable and included some stress free happy moments.

Off to check out the link

Happy New Year!

Cinda said...

I write through a mess of tears. Very beautiful and exactly what I needed before beginning winter quarter next week. I am renewed and re-comitted to my work in the field of disability. I have ten excellent interns out in the field and ready to go by fall of 2010. I will continue to work to inspire all my students to change lives for their students with disablities and their families. We have so much to do and so far to go...but also so much for which to be thankful. LOVED, loved it! Thank you and a joyous and peaceful New Year to you all. Cinda

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

A very touching essay - thanks for sharing it. Many blessings to you and yours for 2010!

Corrie Howe said...

I'm off to read it the essay. I'm also glad to see you. Hope one day we'll see more of you.

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