Friday, February 19, 2010


Thursday's HER Day. For all the pictures where she's left out. For all the vacations and parties where she is not present. I'm giving her a little weekly press. Just because it's Thursday.
The pose I must often see her in. The "Stim-i-nator" with beads, magazine and pom-pom. A whole big production, a whole lotta stimmin'. A whole lot of CB fun!


Elizabeth said...

CB plays with BEADS? So does Sophie -- her whole life. Oh, how I wish we lived close to one another so they could be bead women together.

pookiedoo87 said...

Beads a magazine and a pom pom. Add lei flowers and some synthetic hair and I'd say I have her younger male twin here in Florida. :-)

Alicia DiFabio said...

Holy Moly, Elizabeth! that is SO funny that the 2 girls are 'beadin' chix'. CB's played with hers since she was probably 2 1/2. Never a moment w/o them.. wakes up in the morning and starts up and never stops (unless in school or at the table eating, bc we MAKE her put them down). I think she has carpel tunnel from all the stimming!!

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