Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

So it was Plan B.

Our VAcation turned into a STAYcation. Yeah, who needed Florida anyway? So passe. We like to stay on the 'cutting edge' around here. Total trend setters.

Our Deck after 50 inches of snow
Snow Fort "Ghetto Style" with my neices Walking In a Philly Wonderland

Almost as fun as Florida. Day one of my staycation: Winter Wonderland, Philly Style. Ate at the new restaurant MidAtlantic with my sister and her family. Awesome food. Day 2: Husband flies home from Florida and we have dinner at Seasons 52 in Cherry Hill, NJ. Highly recommend. Days 3-4: Brave the snow and manage some nice dinners, one in trendy Collingswood at Nunzio's (best gnocchi I've ever had) and one on "V day proper" at Steven Star's pod. I love that place! We slept in past our obligatory 6:15 am every day. That was priceless. Enjoyed the silence. Showered, like every day. Went to the mall and we EACH bought clothes and shoes (on sale of course... gotta know my bargain husband). Bought new plates at Ikea and threw out our crappy, broken, non-microwave safe plates (what were we THINKING with non-microwavable?!?!). It was all soooooo Fame. That's my new word, a la my 10 year old niece Zodo. Zodo is far more urban-cool at 10 than I have been or will ever be. And she's also the fashion guru.

Oh, and brought home our new minivan to replace the one that got under that 60 foot tree. Let's hope this one has better luck attached to it. I hope so, because I'm not diggin' the color. Whatever. It's a minivan... hard to make it look hot... I mean fame.

And at the end of a nice long staycation, we got to go pick up our little Valentines.

All in all, it wasn't what we planned for... but that is just like life. You plan for one thing, and you end up livin' in Plan B. But, you know... sometimes Plan B is pretty darn good. Sometimes, even better.


Michelle said...

I LOVE this post. Simple and true. AND I love Gnocchi's. We've got to talk. And I need to know what type of sauce they were in - red, blush, cream, etc. I also need directions to the restaurant. Best you ever had??? Are you KIDDING? I've got to try them and see for myself. I'm an gnocchi conossieur (sp?)

Tina said...

....my gawd, is that snow still on your deck... if so, I'm so there... I've got my sleeping bag and nap sack ready.

Anonymous said...

Where are you Girlie? In our back yard?

The STAYcation is fabulous. Love that you didn't let the change of plans spoil your fun. We should all do that more often.

We're in Chester County... are you close?

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Way to make lemonade! Glad you had a good time on your staycation :)

Don said...

Believe me when I say you didn't miss anything in Florida. We were there for 6 days and it never went above 62 degrees. Brrrrr.

Kim said...

So glad you still had fun! non-microwaveable? what were you thinking? good thing you remedied that!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful family you are!

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