Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Silly Band Fever Is Giving Me A Headache

I'm having an existential crisis stemming from the Silly Band craze. I'm over at NJ Moms Blog processing it. If you have no clue what Silly Bands are, no matter. You can learn all about it over there. And fear not; this post is more about my beloved Pink and her precious heart and how the world is going to crush her... and how on earth do I keep her generous, caring spirit alive while teaching her not to be taken advantage of and manipulated than it is a silly band rant. It all came to a head when she was weazled out of over 20 brand new silly bands on the bus Monday morning... READ MORE HERE

NJ Moms


erin said...

This silly band craze must never reach my children. NEVER! :)

pajama mom said...

these entered our lives two hours after i read this post! the babysitter brought them with her, and they haven't stopped talking about them or wearing them since! jinx!

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