Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's In Your Gift Closet?

So, unbeknowst to me this has been Teacher Appreciation Week. Well, I suppose it was just a DAY this week that my calendar doesn't have conveniently pre-printed on one of the squares. Our school is insane with gift giving too. It started in pre-school... I mean the holiday season of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, I do. But I'd see other parents carting in stuff on Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, flippin' Groundhog Day. I mean, talk about feeling like a schlep. So, this week Pink said they had a Teacher Appreciation Celebration at her school. Cupcakes and all. Great. I'm sure I was like the ONLY parent there who didn't send in a gift.

I don't think ahead enough for these things. I need a Gift Closet. My friend has one. She just picks things up on sale throughout the year and shoves them in a closet then goes "shopping" last minute by opening a door in her house. I'm not talking about re-gifts, just cute, thoughtful gifts. A stockpile of them. Because I'm always forgetting some kind of etiquette or missing a birthday. I just missed my half-sister's birthday a few weeks ago. Totally off my radar. What a horrible person I am.

What could be in my gift closet? Stylish tote bags? Everyone loves those. Can't have too many cute bags. If you have prep time, you fill them up with little themed items too: beach stuff, chocolate, spa things, etc. (Read More About These Great Gifts Here)

For kids, I'm obsessed with Find It Games (no, no one is comping me to say this). They are great because it's hours of non-video game fun, challenge and equally liked by boys and girls. We just got one and don't steal my gift idea because this is my "thing" now!

But what about teachers and child care worker and bus drivers (did you know it's Transportation Appreciation Week NEXT week?). I can't keep up. Flowers? Candy? Gift cards? Bake cookies? I'm totally at a loss. This whole gift thing stresses me out.

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