Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Family Went Over The Mountain To See What They Could See

Pictures speak a thousand words, yet I cannot keep myself wordless.  Sidetracked by the kidney debacle, I am now cleansed by the ritual of sifting through our pictures and sharing them, thus re-living our vacation. 

Tiny toes peeking through my seat as we drive up our mountain of peaceful.

This is what greeted us.  My favorite spot on the lake where the lily pads bloom.

Even Rella felt the calmness of nature.

I'm not the crunchy, earthy, roughin' it type of gal. However I do enjoy a good stint of communing with nature. Paring things down, slowing the tempo of life, finding the wonder in the shape of a leaf or a tiny frog in the grass or the sweet dewy smell after a light rain.

Sometimes all a girl needs is a sturdy hammock to watch the clouds meander across her arc of sky...

...and a morning cup of Joe with a spectacular view and a good book.

After revolving my world around schedules and laptops, cell phones and bisecting infinite tracks etched on the blacktop from my minivan as it drives relentlessly from point A to points B through Z and back again;  After 50 weeks of walking on concrete, rushing the children, looking past the very things that are most beautiful because I'm so preoccupied with the foreground, I'm always primed for our slow vacation in the mountains.

Lucky enough was I to share a sliver of suspended time with this deer.  I was only about 20 yards away and we looked at each other with a safe curiosity for 2 glorious minutes until she slowly walked away. 
I'll never forget it. 

Things are revealed in the quiet if you listen. You need a quiet head to hear the secrets of life.

Dinners no longer have the urgency of a chore, but become a family affair.  We husk our corn.  We husk ourselves of the obligations that sometimes seal us off from moments of pure joy. 

  Oh, and by the way, the corn featured above was arguably the best, sweetest corn I've ever crunched!

Enjoying ourselves was the only item on the To Do list.

The triplets

and "Take 57" of the family... 2 parents and three floppy children. One, as always, missing from the portrait. 

In a small town the entertainment is cheap but rich...

... and never suburban.

So, that's our vacation.  We're back in the real world now, but we each time we go to our mountain we take a little piece of tranquility home with us. 


Kim said...

Lovely pictures! Looks like a wonderful time in a beautiful place!

Elizabeth said...

What beautiful photos and words to go with them. This was a beautiful travelogue -- I, of course, was struck by the photo of the family minus one -- poignant that you mentioned it.

Being Me said...

Hi! Thanks for the follow. I'm glad you did, or I would have missed finding your lovely blog :) I feel like I've just been on a little mind vacation myself, reading that.

Thank you! Ahhh.

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