Tuesday, November 16, 2010

C'est La Birthday

Somehow, I've been finding myself lapsing into French.  My friends have been making fun of my insertion of little french idioms into the typical "mom" conversation.  I don't know what has come over me.  I have brie in the fridge though.

Okay, so let's get on with this post. I'm so busy living life, I'm forgetting to document it.  The nice thing about blogging is that it takes your head in its hands and says "Hey look, pay attention to this moment... chronicle it, journal it, reflect upon it."  But, as important as blogging is to me, it takes time. Blog posts don't write themselves, and sitting down to write in the fine thread of free time that stitches together the day is a challenge.  A challenge I am typically up for, but occasionally when you get out of the groove, you get stuck in a deeper groove and have to climb out. 

I'll give the Reader's Digest version of the past, um, what's it been... 2 weeks! (oye veh.  Oh, great.  Now I'm lapsing into Yiddish).  Of course there was Halloween... feels like eons ago I know, but here it was...

As with most of our culinary creations, they are sloppy and messy and devoured five minutes later.



I had a lovely birthday which was the perfect balance of quality family time to include soccer games, teaching my 6 year old to ride a 2-wheeler, and grown-up time at the Melting Pot in Philly.  Ooh La Chocolate Fondue.  No birthday of mine can ever again be complete without it. 

I'd insert photo here if I had one.  Too busy eating.

November is also Rella's birthday month.  Rella's family party was held much earlier than her actual day of birth, but when you're three (or almost) you're not really keeping track. She's too close to Thanksgiving weekend, which always poses a challenge.  Who cares... a giant pink cake with sprinkles is good any time. 


Like most soon-to-be-three-year-olds, Rella had a bad case of the grumps all morning.  Well, I have to say, she's a pistol any time of day, but she was really in rare form the day of her party.  Mid-party we lost her (losing children is a common occurrence in this house) only to find her asleep in her crib. Apparently, she had enough and went upstairs,climbed the rail, and tucked herself into bed.  For a child who gave up naps completely at 26 months old, this was new. We woke her up for the cake and presents. 

The highlight of the party was my brother and sister-in-law. We haven't seen them in about a year.  They arrived with their sweet new puppy.  Almost makes me want one... ALmost...

How sweet is she?





I remember the year Rella turned one and I turned 40:  Two landmark birthdays both in the same month.  She was the best gift I could have had at 40.  There's nothing like a 1 year old to make you feel young while blowing out an ocean of candles on your birthday cake. I thought each birthday AFTER my 40th would be more difficult... documenting the progression of time toward the next landmark... marking my body and spirit with the calling card only aging can leave.  What I've discovered is that if you hang on to the things that were important in your youth, you're bound to be upset. What is it we love most about youth?  Yeah, some of the freedom and possibilities and fun with little responsibility to a certain extent, but when you hear people lament about their youth, a lot is about physical appearance.  We all wish we still LOOKED young, and felt young too, physically.  No doubt, I'd love to have the skin, shape, weight and energy of my 20s... but the problem was that when I was IN my 20s, I didn't really appreciate what I had, always wished I looked and acted and was someone different, and hadn't grown into the skin I'm in.  Now? I love the skin I'm in, with all its imperfections.  Sure, it's weathered and saggier and wrinklier than before and crumbles into bed a bit earlier at night, but I am happy in it because it is me, and I've grown very accustomed to myself.  In fact, I like myself, warts and all (I don't really have warts, by the way, to anyone inclined toward the literal out there).  It's nice to feel comfortable with yourself and unfortunate that for most of us, it takes too long to get to this point. But maybe, it takes life expereince to get there.  And life experience takes living.

One day, Rella will likely go through her own personal challenges... focusing on her flaws, falling victim to societal pressures females find themselves oppressed by, changing and experimenting, and trying on different "selves" until she finds what fits.  But for now, she's so happy in the skin she's in.  A big hunky, silky smooth, chunka monka little ball of skin that belongs to her and only her.  Covering it with pink icing, happy as can be.  She's not counting calories, she's not second guessing, she's 100% in the moment with no regrets or self-consciousness.   


May we all find bliss and happiness on our birthdays and everyday.  For, as Julia Child so wisely said, life itself is the proper binge. And she too loved all things French.  So, there you go.... somehow I managed to go full circle...


Elizabeth said...


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Bon Anniversaire to you and Rella! I love her dress!

Michelle said...

C'est bon! :)

Autism Mom Rising said...

The kids look so happy! Alex enjoyed the pictures too.

I like your understanding of aging. That's pretty much how I feel. I see life as a process: twenty years ago I was twenty and now it is my time to be forty.

Sometimes it is hard to blog when we are just trying to live life. I agree with you. I'd rather write one post a week that I feel really good about than write every day. These do take a lot of effort.

Kim said...

Glad to read from you and glad you are living life! Sometimes when we are quiet it is because life is steam rolling us, so glad that is not the case for you! Lovely pictures.

(how many times can I write glad in one comment?)

kario said...

Love it! Birthdays, puppies, celebrations, sweets - those are the things to revel in and it looks as though you all did just that.

That puppy is the cutest damn thing I've seen in a long time!

pixiemama said...

Happy birthday to you and Rella! You are both lovely in all ways!


Leah said...

who wouldn't love the skin YOU are in! :)

Hugs from Texas.

@jencull (jen) said...

Just saying hi and introducing myself. Beautiful photos:) Jen

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