Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Right now we are on our annual 2 week summer vacation at our favorite mountain top lake. That means we missed my first earthquake experience (and maybe the only of my lifetime) which randomly hit the east coast. They could feel it in New Jersey... And even further north. My neighbors had chandeliers swinging and I MISSED it! I will also miss the freak hurricane ripping through the mainland... I suppose I should be happy about being on a mountain of peace instead of dealing with power outages and scary winds. Hopefully another tree won't fall on our house.

So, I'm blogging while on vacay because I've promised myself and everyone else that I would write more regularly. I certainly can't let another 2 weeks go by in cyber-silence.

Unfortunately, only my iPad works up here, and despite my best attempts to figure out how to get photos on my blog from my camera or cell phone? It ain't happening. Oh well, you will just have to deal with my blabbering mouth instead and wait until I return for pictures.

Our first five days have proved restful and serene. I have done yoga in the morning on the boat dock with a bunch of wonderful women and gone for several 2 to 4 miles runs. We took our first family hike around the lake which is about 1.5 miles and even 3 year old little Rella did the whole hike without needing to be carried once. We eat ice cream cones with the kids in the evenings and after they go to bed exhausted from a day at the lake, the grown ups drink wine, devour novels, sit by a fire, or play cards.

I wish I could post some photos for you. It just feels empty without at least one.

More later... It is time for my chromo therapy bath in the jet tub with a Pinot in one hand and good book in another. Ciao!


Elizabeth said...

I figured out how to send photos to my blog with my Android. What you do is download the Blogger app onto your iPhone. Then when you take a photo, you can email the photo to Blogger. It shows up on that page Edit Posts. You can then resize it and add text. I couldn't figure out how to do more than one photo, but that's all you need for a good vacay post!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

Oooo, thank you darlin'. You are the best! I'll try, I have a DROID phone also! :)

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