Monday, February 6, 2012


I've been deliberating where to begin for weeks now. What ice-breaker post should I write after 4 months of cyber-silence?  A long, boring explanation of where I've been?  I think not.  That would drive away the remaining three people who may actually begin to tune in again (Thanks, guys, by the way!).

So, I guess I'll be highly creative here and re-enter the atmosphere with a recap of where I've been... a brief pictorial summarization of the goings ons in my corner of the world... a tiny little nutshell to catch you up to the things in my life that would have been blogworthy.

Roll 'em....

CB, Tink and Pink started school in the Fall and little Rella 
entered her first official recreational activity:  Dance.  

You can dress her up like a little Princess but she's all goof-ball.  

She also started a Pre-K program and continues with her Speech Therapy in the hopes that one day, she will actually begin speaking English instead of Swedish-Ewok-Caveman.  

A long awaited, precious niece was born.

And the first of my four grandparents passed away.

My bereaved grandfather saying goodbye to his wife of 69 years
 after sprinkling her ashes at her favorite spot in the PA mountains.

Halloween brought out the cowgirl in everyone.

Trick or Treating with friends.

Love that I found this dress at a consignment shop for $10!

Rella turned 4...

Tink turned 5...

Pink turned 7.  

I guess somewhere along the way I turned into a "Runner." 
Or, at least a quasi-obsessed, wannabe, kinda slow runner.

My first 5K race since I was literally 12.  Which I wish wasn't so obnoxiously long ago.
I came in the middle of the pack, but it was a FAST-ASS pack!  
Ran my best time so far which isn't breaking records,
 but I averaged a pace of 8:37/mile so I'm not embarrassed. 

The first 8K I've ever run in my life.  This race was during Philadelphia's Marathon Weekend and the girls were my biggest cheerleaders!  Unfortunately, I ran with an injury so it was no fun at ALL.

CB and family once again walked for Autism.

Except for the seizing, stimming, and complete dependence, she's been a typical teen.  Sleeping too much, unpredictably moody, and scarfing up junk food.  
But I wouldn't have it any other way, ANY of it.

I'm still plugging away at Ye Ole Stupid Book That Will Never Get Published and praying for a little side of magic to sprinkle on the hard work.  

So that's the scoop from me.  If you are still peeking in, thank you for your loyalty.  
I've really missed blogging.  


kario said...

Gee, I can't imagine what's been keeping you so busy you can't blog...;-).

What a lovely glimpse in to your life and the lives of those glorious girls. Glad you're all busy finding new adventures and kudos to you for continuing to work on the book. It is a long haul, but somehow, I know the writing pays off. Somehow. Or else I wouldn't keep doing it day after day after damn day...

erika said...

I missed you and your gorgeous girls so much! I think it's awesome that you picked up marathon running, it gives you something to do with all your free time :) You look great, by the way.

Leah said...

And I have missed your blogs! :>)

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

Thanks guys for checking in!! I've missed you all too :)

Elizabeth said...

I've so missed you. Your girls look as beautiful as ever, and I wish you'd stop denigrating your book. I can't imagine that it'll be anything but great -- go easy on yourself; these things take time, lots of time.

cameramom said...

Welcome back! I peek in periodically just to see if there's anything new. Trust me life gets in the way of me doing things too!

Richelle said...

So glad you're back!! I have really missed reading your blog. All the pictures were gorgeous, of course, and the one that struck me most and brought tears to my eyes instantly was the one of your hard to say goodbye. I know I don't know you personally, but I think about your family alot, as I found out before Christmas that I am pregnant (due in August) and can't imagine how much my life will change with a newborn and a severely autistic 12 year old to take care of (sometimes by myself.) I draw courage from reading about all you do with your girls, and I hope that I can find strength in myself somehow to get us all out of the house most days. :) Thanks again for sharing your life with us!!

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

OH MY GOSH--- YAY!!! i am SO so so happy for you! thanks for not forgetting about me during my absence :) i wish i had a way for getting in touch with you personally, but hopefully you'll check the comments and know that im so grateful for your kind and supportive words and so happy for your wonderful news! Alicia

Anonymous said...

We've missed you too!! Glad to see your sweet family all doing well. Hugs. Elizabeth and boys

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