Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday's Tree

During Lent our church has a "tree" on which anyone can write a secret sorrow, a burden, 
a loss, or a need for healing and hang it on a branch.  
I can't remember the specifics of this tree, 
but I think it has something to do with handing this secret sorrow, burden or loss 
over to something much bigger than us.  

I have walked by this tree for a few weeks now, 
but today Pink asked if I was going to ever write something on a pastel colored leaf.  

She apparently did last week and told me it was "Peace for the World."
Of course it was.  

I snuck out after everyone settled, but before the service began, to quickly scrawl only one word.  

One name.  


I don't really know what will change, 
but just hanging it there among the others felt good.  



Elizabeth said...


kario said...

I love that, in addition to handing your trouble or wish over to something larger than yourself, you get to hang it next to all of those other wishes and hopes and dreams. That makes for a beautiful tree.

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