Wednesday, March 21, 2012



How many seasons have I watched go by on this window as I sit weekly in the Speech waiting room?  We're going on 2 years now with Rella.  It's kinda reminiscent of my life with CB, watching the receptionist's glass change their colors and welcome in the various holidays.

My oldest and my youngest - the 2 who were born with the exact same birth weight... the only 2 of my girls with blond hair and blue eyes.  The only two who have needed therapy.

Yet this time, I know everything's gonna be alright.  We'll just have to sit here through a few more seasons, because Baby Girl likes to take her own sweet time with this, but it will be alright.


Elizabeth said...

You know, my youngest has learning disabilities -- he even has an IEP. It's astounding how UN-stressful it all is relative to Sophie. Well, maybe a tiny bit because it affects his sense of himself, and that's difficult to see, but overall, it's such a breeze that it makes me yawn!

kario said...

You're right. It will be alright. When they have parents who shower them in love and trust them to be themselves, it just takes a while for them to work it all out. And there's not a damn thing wrong with that. Just when I stopped worrying about Lola's speech impediment, it magically disappeared. Overnight.


Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

@elizabeth - i did not know that! I totally relate to waht your saying. @kari, thank you for your kind words... always calming to me :)

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