Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time Travels

Over the very short spring break, which is really more of a long weekend than a spring break, I took the girls to visit their great-grandmother.  My daughters are fortunate to have many of their great-grandparents still around.  In fact, CB at almost 17 has 5 great-grandparents still living.  FIVE.  
That, I think, is pretty remarkable.  

Unlike many great-grandparents who may be too frail or ill or far away to have a relationship with their great-grandchildren, my paternal grandmother in particular has a spectacular relationship with the girls. 

My grandmother's vision is all but gone, so Pink helped her find the holes for the chinese checkers marbles.  I remember my grandmother's patience playing with me at that age.  She adores kids.

She will be 90 this week.  My other living grandparents range between 93 and 99.  They have lived wonderful, full lives but lives that will be coming to an end.  
No one can pretend that it isn't only a matter of time.  

that thing we never have enough of.  
That thing that goes too fast.  
That thing we fail to value.  

I once heard someone say "Show me where someone spends their time, and I'll know where their heart is."  It's easy to say that we value family, but there are so many things that pull us in conflicting directions.  Where we spend our time and how we value our time, tells a lot about our priorities.  Or, it can remind us that when our time doesn't feel like it reflects our priorities we need to re-evaluate.  
The most awful thing about time is that we can never get it back so we need to watch it like a hawk.

On the Monday after Easter, Dr. Fabulous took off and we spent the entire day together at the beach.  We looked at some possible summer rental properties, ate pizza, and had ice cream.  

It was the kind of long weekend where the things I poured my time into
reflected my heart exactly.  


Elizabeth said...

Those pictures of your grandmother playing with your girls made my heart break open in the best way. I adore how you choose moments on your blog to highlight and write about -- I nearly always leave here feeling blessed to have visited.

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

elizabeth - Ditto!! Im so glad Im not on your "hate" list LOL! :)

kario said...

I love those days that satisfy so fully our every desire. Those days when, by the time we fall into bed, we feel as though we have done those things that make us truly who we are. I'm thrilled you had such a glorious weekend and I'm grateful you shared those moments.

May you all have many more.

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