Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

I competed in the Mud Ruckus Mud Run for Multiple Sclerosis in Philly this weekend.  Normally, I would not be keen on getting up in the early morning to run 6 miles through mud, muck, and grime in the woods while doing a zillion obstacles (involving jumping off platforms into muddy water, sliding down fireman poles, climbing rope ladders and army crawling through muddy sewers.  Literally.)  But, as you may have gathered, I will do a great many ridiculous things for socialization and beer.  A group of 5 of us ran together, as part of a larger team, and it was a blast!  It was completely non-competitive, low pressure and we gabbed the entire way.

Pink and Tink made me some inspirational signs before I left at 7:00 am that morning.

"I love you.  Don't get it muddy."

I was so covered in mud, dirt and God knows what that I was blowing mud out of my nose and digging it out of my ears with a Q-Tip.  Did I mention this was my idea of fun?


Notice fellow Mud Run teammates, that I am NOT blogging about the tiny butterfly in the mud.  I tried real hard to think of something, but just couldn't.  

After a morning doing this in the hot sun followed by 2 beers, then an afternoon in the sun at the pool with the kids followed by 2 MORE beers on a friend's deck in the evening, I am still completely exhausted today.  And all kinds of sore.  Muscles I never knew I had are screaming at me right now.  They are saying "Woman, what the *bleep* were you thinking!!"

And I told them to shut their pie hold because I'd do it again!   I may be a 40-something Momma of 4, but I can still rock this Mud Run!  *whimper*

So today I am flat out physically exhausted.  I ate a bunch of oreos around 4:00 and then tacos and ice cream for dinner and that seemed to offer some remedy.  When in doubt, consume junk food.

It was a busy day, but I couldn't complain when it started out with Rella's dance class.  They did a sneak performance of their upcoming recital... which she won't be able to do on stage due to our vacation.  So this was "it" for me.

Man, I LOVE this kid.


Elizabeth said...

You amaze me with your athleticism! Way to go --

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

@elizabeth - "athleticism".... bwaaaa haaa haaa! I think i just spit out my coffee laughing :). I'd say my idiotic warped way of having an excuse to hang out with friends and drink on a weekend w/o feeling guilt at leaving my hubby with the kids :) but thank you!! :)

kario said...

You are a rock star! If I had five friends to do the mud run with, I think I could be convinced, too. I'd have to forego the beer at the end (gluten), but I'm sure I could substitute a mimosa or a few glasses of a nice chardonnay instead. Glad it was fun!

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