Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye Summer

Say goodbye to our last day official day of summer vacation.

I think I'm sadder than all the girls combined.  I'm not looking forward to getting up at 6:00 am again and not seeing my girls all day.  Especially little Rella-Roo.  She will be at pre-school 5 days a week all year long.  She's such a colossal nudge sometimes, but I'll miss her.  

[on preschool orientation day, even though she went to the summer program, we still showed up with bells on] 

 Lounging at the pool, hanging out at the coffee shop reading her "news-pap-urrs"...  I'll miss this lil' one.  Heck, I'll miss them all.  And I can't wait to pick up CB tomorrow afternoon after her nearly three weeks away.  

Adios summer.  Hello to another year. 

Oh, how the time flies.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, good luck to all your little ones tomorrow!

kario said...

It is sad to see them go back, but I love it when they're excited to go. I do feel a little bit bad for them when the weather continues to be sunny and nice after they're in school, and a little bit bad for myself when the alarm goes off in the morning.

Glad you had a glorious summer and I'm betting this school year will be a terrific one.

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