Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up, Autism Walk and A Cool Video

What a weekend.   There were lots of things going on to include Friday night and Saturday morning soccer games, Pink's eye appointment (yes, she needs glasses too), a Saturday evening Spa Party with some girl friends, and family over all day Sunday.  Plus, our septic tank exploded again for the second time in less than a year (and exactly 2 months after we got it pumped out).  But, I'm not talking about septic systems right now.  I'm going to talk about one of the highlights of the weekend first:  The annual Autism Walk!

These photos ARE from this years walk, it is just an older Tshirt from 2010 because she got her newer one all dirty right before we left so we picked out an older one.  Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a walk - cloudless sky, crisp fall air and a bright sun.  Simply perfect.

 Our team, which is just the 6 of us plus CB's grandparents and father, raised over $3,000 this year which is pretty good for a team our size.  Big thanks to all who generously donated and the fund is still collecting even after the walk!!

What I love about this walk is that the money doesn't go to a giant, national organization that focuses on research, genetics and early intervention for the not yet born and the very young children.  This Foundation helps individuals living with Autism and their families in our very own County in NJ.  It helps with quality of life for all those little kids who grow up to be big kids and adults.  You know, I'm not opposed necessarily to discovering all we can about Autistic Spectrum Disorders and related conditions but honestly I often feel like not as much attention and resources go into helping families who have long been diagnosed and are LIVING with their wonderfully different children and young adults in the community.  What about them?  What about us?  They grow up ya'll.  These cute babies, these little toddlers, these children... they grow up.  And they still need us and it can be as challenging as it is rewarding.

I met a couple really nice Moms on the walk who recognized CB from this blog... Oh yes, we are ROCK STARS!!!  I was ready to have CB start signing autographs!  I was very touched by their support... you made my day ladies, if you are reading, and I thank you for introducing yourselves to me and making my day - heck, making my YEAR!

What I really love about this day is that it is something we do as a family once a year to support CB.  I love that her sisters look so forward to this event.  Okay, some of it has to do with the free cotton candy, popcorn and bouncy houses at the end, but they know it's a special day for CB too.


Sunday was a great day with family celebrating birthdays.  My side of the family does not come together as much as we would like.  It is magical when all the cousins play and run and act like lunatics stuffing their faces with sugar.  These are the days they will remember fondly.  

The 'Partners-In-Crime' were reunited after a long summer apart.

And CB was breaking into spontaneous hugs.  She loves her Uncle!

 My mom and step-dad returned from Russia and brought everyone awesome souvenirs.

And Rella's Russian talking doll thingie was the biggest hit of all.  He was kind of like a Russian Teletubby and we almost peed ourselves laughing at this thing every time it talked and sang.  When we asked Rella "What is he SAYING?"  She answered with a sarcastic, "I dunno... I'm Italian!"

Update:  Thanks to a sweet and knowledgable commenter, I now know this toy is called a Cheburashka.  Thank you Galina!

If you're still reading (which I hope you are) I have saved the best for last!!  One of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth at a moon, worn as if it had been a shell created a beautiful video for parents of special children.  What would you tell your younger self if you could go back to the day you received your child's diagnosis?  Get a kleenex and watch - it's so sweet.  And if you haven't checked out Elizabeth's blog, I strongly recommend that you do - she is incredible and I am in awe of her strength and beauty every day.

Don't forget to watch here!!!


Elizabeth said...

Aw shucks. Thank you so much for those kind words and especially for sharing the video! I wish that you had been in it -- but I know you were in spirit!

Also, I'd love to donate to the walk -- how can I do so? I'm especially impressed at what it's for -- there's such a dearth of knowledge and help for those of us living for so many years with our children with disabilities -- I have long wished to start a non-profit dedicated to respite for families and programs for siblings. Bravo on your participation -- and the rest of your family's! Please send me the info so that I can donate --

kario said...

I'm with Elizabeth - I love that the money goes to support families living with autism in one way or another, so email me the info, too, and I'll happily chip in. Looks like it was a gorgeous day for it.

My email is odriscoll(at)

Anonymous said...

Russian doll is called Cheburashka. Traditionally he's brown. Here's his story:


Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

hi anonymous - good to know! i knew there was a 'real' name for them, but i was too lazy to google it. thank you :)

elizabeth and kari - i will email you guys :)

Tina DeSilvio said...

Hi! I'm one of those moms who met you at the Autism Walk last week. I was so excited to recognize CB! I'm glad to have met you in person. I love your blogs. It's nice to hear it "real" as a mom of both special needs and typical. Next time I see you I'll be sure to have a pen ready! My friend and I both walked away feeling we should have gotten CB's autograph! :)

Alicia (Dr. Mom) said...

@tina- i am SO glad I met you, though briefly. and yes, CB will be ready for her paparazzi and autograph signing next time LOL!

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