Monday, October 15, 2012

O My O My, How The Time Does Fly

Whoa, it's been a while since I've posted.  It was a very busy week and the blogging slipped down the priority line because ... ya know... I don't get PAID for it or anything. But, I do love it so I'm taking the first free stretch of time today to gather my thoughts and rummage through some photos and put together something resembling a half-way decent post that will probably lack in the inspiration department but will at least get me back on schedule.

Last week the girls and I attended a super fun Columbus Day party which included a double-child birthday party where 55 kids competed in a "Boys vs. Girls" day complete with scavanger hunt, egg- and-spoon race, toilet paper "Mummy wrap" competition and a Tug of War to name a few.  So fun.

Rella and I also enjoyed her first preschool field trip to Story Book Land on a perfect Fall day.

Three hours every afternoon  are usually free for me to get writing projects and other work done. Yet this week my afternoons were booked with two book fairs, Rella's immunizations, my first of 2 dermatological surgeries for pre-cancerous skin cells (cells that were "moderate" on the "pre-Melanoma" scale that had to be dug out... yay, glad I caught 'em early though I now have over an inch long line of stitches on my black and blue BOOB for heavens sake!),  and three nights of soccer.  Throw in there five hours of my writing consultant work, 2 very late nights for a philanthropy meeting and girls night out, a late Saturday date night/party, two round trip drives to Maryland,  and a partridge in a pear tree...

So, that is why today I'm still in my sweats and glasses at 1:45 pm having my second cup of coffee while it rains outside and not going ANYwhere or doing ANYthing other than catching up with laundry and blogging.


I'm always proud of my girls, but was extra proud this week.  Tink was awarded "Student of the Month" for her First Grade class (selected by the teacher) and was all kinds of happy. 

Pink, my 8 year old, has been training to run our town's local "Trick or Trot 5K" on October 27th.  She has now completed 2 miles  - without stopping - as of this weekend.  She's doing awesome!

I love that she set a goal completely on her own and is working toward achieving it.  I'm really looking forward to running it with her.  I remember this exact race was my first ever 5K one year ago.  (Wait, that's a lie.  I ran one 5K 12 years earlier for Breast Cancer.  This was my 2nd ever 5K).  Now, at age 8 Pink is going to run it with me.  I remember last year I was all focused - trying to beat my best time.  I ran my fastest 5K ever in a race to date and I was pumped.  This time?  I'll probably be crossing the finish line at a 14 minute/mile pace yet I know it will be the happiest most meaningful race I ever run because I will be with my girl.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

I'll keep you posted on that later.  For now, I better finish up some more cleaning and laundry before the little peeps get home.   And ice my boob.  


Elizabeth said...

Yowch on the surgery! That reminds me I have to make some appointments in the skin/boob/physical upkeep departments. Sigh.

The rest of your photos are, as usual, beautiful and so filled with happiness and joy!

kario said...

Glad you checked in! Sorry about the surgery - hope by now you're feeling better.

I am so impressed that your little one is running a 5K! That apple didn't fall far from the tree, huh?

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