Sunday, October 28, 2012

O Sandy

We are hunkering down for the big "Frankenstorm," (aka Hurricane Sandy) that is going to begin its hit tonight and through Tuesday.  Schools have already closed for Monday and Tuesday.  The eye of the storm will go directly over New Jersey so it will be interesting.  The Jersey shores already look a mess as per the Facebook photos I've seen from friends prior to evacuation.  

I'm remaining cautiously optimistic about the storm, though I know there will be many people who will be devestated by its effects.  I think where we live will be less traumatized by power outages and destruction and flooding. Knock wood.  My neighbors have been in "storm preparation mode" for like two days.  They are ready with fire wood, 1,000 gallons of water, enough canned food and non-perishables to last for 3 weeks, flare guns, generators, cross-bows for hunting wild turkey (very prevalent in our area) that can be roasted on a spit over an open fire.  I mean, they are READY.  

This is the extent of OUR preparation - we have a few cans of Spagetti-Os, a case of Blue Moon beer, and 6 bottles of wine.  Oh, and we've filled 2 bathtubs up with water so we can flush our toilet if the power (and therefore the pump to our well) goes out.  We have one flash light. And no spare batteries.  

So, I think we're set.  If it gets really bad, we'll just go to our neighbors.  

In a bizarre way, I'm sort of grateful for the storm.  Our weekend was WAY more busy than normal with four parties and an all day soccer tournament that had us on the field from 2:30 until after 8:00 pm with games non-stop every hour and a whole bunch of stuff on Sunday as well.  I am exhausted (and getting sick).  Despite the craziness of Friday afternoon through Sunday, it was all fun, family stuff that I wouldn't trade for the world.  The best was that Saturday morning Pink and I ran a local 5K together!  This was her first race ever and she completed the entire 3.2 miles without walking - and she's only 8.  I was so proud of her! 

We might lose our power Monday or Tuesday so I thought I'd do a quick little blog while I can.  To everyone in the Hurricane's path - STAY SAFE!


Elizabeth said...

Stay safe, dear Alicia!

And you look AMAZING -- your runners' legs! Wowza!

The fall photos are gorgeous, by the way. You've certainly taken charge of that camera --

kario said...

Hope you are all safe and you didn't have to resort to going to the neighbors', although it is nice to know they're there and so prepared.

Tell Pink she ROCKS! I love knowing that you two ran together. Happy few 'days off.'

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