Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gimme Five

The "baby" of the family turned 5 today.  
  My baby is five.

We always knew we wanted four children.  Even when I was still only pregnant with my third, we would talk about our fourth.  

There was a little soul out there that belonged with us
and we wouldn't be a complete family until she came.

Dr Fabulous went into work a little late today so we could spend the morning with our littlest girl.
She enjoyed a Baby Chino at our favorite coffee shoppe.

I can't believe how fast five years has gone.

We can't imagine a world without this little munchkin.  The one who completed this family.

Happy Birthday Rella-Roo!  


Elizabeth said...

She is just so precious and beautiful. Happy Birthday to your littlest one. Happy Birth Day to you, mama!

kario said...

No doubt about it - that child is loved! Have a glorious day - all of you!

Richelle said...

What a cutie pie! I, too, hate that our children grow up so fast. My Polly has seemed like a toddler for so long that to see her blossoming into a young woman is hard to watch.

I'm sure she appreciated you two taking some time with her at the coffee shop, making her feel like a big girl. Happy birthday, Rella!

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