Thursday, January 10, 2013

tHERsDay, Talking and Singing

Everything went very smoothly this morning with my early morning departure, my hour and a half commute in rush hour, and my presentation.  In fact, it could not have gone more smoothly.  Thanks to my supportive husband, my supportive neighbor, and a warm welcome by the nicest group of people, it really shaped up to be quite an amazing day.

I spent my morning at a beautiful old Inn in Pennsylvania listening to other presenters and interesting conversation.  This morning turned into a lovely lunch with fantastic conversation.  I also enjoyed sharing my personal experience as a mother to CB because my story is her story and her story is seldom told or fully understood.  I love giving others the opportunity to know her just a bit.  In an abstract way I feel like it helps give her a legacy.  

This evening, we went to Pink's third grade chorale concert.  This is an extra-curricular chorus and the kids who join have to give up one recess per week to practice.  I've been listening to her sing every song at home for weeks and tonight was finally the big night.

There she was, front and center, the shortest one up there.  

My shy girl looking poised, comfortable and beautiful.   

My face hurt from smiling so hard for 40 minutes straight.  I almost cried twice.  

It was a great day, but I'm kinda tired now.  G'night!

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Elizabeth said...

congrats on a job well done on all fronts! And your little one is growing so fast -- she is looking particularly lovely in these photos --

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