Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I finally un-decked our halls.  All our Christmas decorations are packed and stored with the exception of our artificial Christmas tree (first year venturing into artifical tree world... not sure how I feel about it). That naked evergreen is still sitting like an arrow in the corner near the fireplace 
and I'm quite used to it there.

Aside from housekeeping, the weekend was rather generic - visits from family up north, Pink's girl scout cookie-selling meeting and lots of writing.  I also downloaded Brooke Warner's book "What's Your Book" and started plowing through that to encourage me along. 

Monday always kicks off great when 'The Moonwriters' meet in the morning at our local coffee shop.  We are a small writing group of 5 women sharing the same passion.  Twice a month we meet over caffeine and talk writing and insecurities, dreams and craft but above all we inspire each other.   

Monday night extended the weekend with one of my monthly "girls nights in"which always means a sleepy Tuesday morning but it's worth it.  Especially when Dr Fabulous is going to be home very late 7 nights out of the next 10 weekdays.

CB stimming like a fiend.  

I'm preparing for someone's birthday in a few days.  
Little Tink turns 7 and she's super excited but a little sad to leave 6 behind.  
Just like her Momma.  


icansaymama said...

Tee hee, we had an artificial tree this year for the first time, too! I think it is perfect and not the mess it used to be. And since Sunny finally loves the lights so much so far I just cannot take the ornaments and the lights down. Yes, I am weak like that! :-)

Elizabeth said...

I feel like I remember when Tink turned three and four! And now she's turning seven???? Good grief!

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