Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Okay,  I've been missing in action the past week.  My apologies. It seems that in order to leave town on a 5 day weekend you need to practically move heaven and earth to ensure that your children and home don't go into a downward spiral without you.  On top of all the prep that goes into leaving for vacation... and leaving the kids behind with your amazing in-laws who will stay at your house... I always like to make sure I have a slew of work come in the week before AND have late night commitments on the 2 nights preceding my departure. Ya know, just to rob myself of time even more.

So it's 11:00 pm and have to finish packing amongst 13,000 other things so I can't be pithy.  Since I was up until 1:00 am last night with some of my favorite ladies for a girls night in, I am so exhausted and either sick from being overly tired, catching some bug or drinking too much wine last night. I'll have a better sense which in the morning.  

So, here was our weekend... tons of snow as you can see.  Actually, it was barely 2 inches but the girls couldn't resist building a snowman.

On Saturday Dr Fabulous was honored with the very prestigious Angel Award by a Young Professionals Association at their annual Halo Banquet which raises money each year for a cause.  They give the award to one young professional who has been not only extremely successful professionally, but also very active in giving back to the community both professionally and personally.  One recipient a year, ya'll.  And it was MY MAN.  

I swear, there is nothing sexier.  NOTHING.  Some guys work out at the gym and are all buff, or drive around in Porsches with all their money, or are partying at all the "cool" spots and hey... that might be sexy to some ladies.  But nerdy-chic?  Giving back to the community?  Making a difference?  
That's hot.  

If he keeps winning these awards, there might just be a baby #5.  Just sayin'.

Too much info, I know.  I'm delirious right now.  So freaking tired.  

So, I'm meeting my husband in Clearwater Florida tomorrow for Valentines day.  He left on Tuesday morning to attend a conference. There is snow falling right now, so I really hope I don't have a repeat of 2 years ago when we tried to do this same trip and I never made it out thanks to 21 inches of snowfall which shut down all of Philly.  I'd link over to that post so you could read it but honestly, I'm going to go into a coma right now.

So, Happy Valentines Day!  This will probably be my only post this week (don't cry, please) but I'll be back next week to make you feel all sorts of jealous about my 5 days away without kids!


Julie Ann Knapp said...

Have fun!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, bon voyage. And we want to hear ALL about it when you're back -- well -- maybe not ALL.

kario said...

Have a lovely time. I hope that all the crazy prep beforehand that left you exhausted means you'll be able to give yourself permission to relax even more while you're away.

Kim said...

Congrats to Dr. Fab! I remember reading about that failed trip--has it really been two years?! Have a wonderfully relaxing time!

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