Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Egg Dieting

We finally got around to dyeing the Easter eggs.  Or "dieting" the eggs as the girls say.

Rella tried to re-create Mr. Nasty from last year, but we were using different dyes so no luck. All the eggs were the perfect pastel, no matter how hard she tried to get one all gross.

So she decided to do "Mrs. Pretty" who is "Mr Nasty's" wife.

I think of how much this little girl has grown, remembering only a few years ago when she was EATING the dye tablets.   
I was telling this story just last night, and when asked if I had called poison control, I laughed saying "Dude, NO one calls poison control on their fourth kid!"  

And look... she survived. 
And so did I.


Elizabeth said...

She's grown so much even in bloggyland!

kario said...

I never even called Poison Control for my second kid. And she's the kamikaze!

I love that you said, "finally got around to dyeing the eggs." Cuz I don't even have any eggs yet. Or dye. So you're light years ahead of me, sister!

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