Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was a precursor to the Easter festivities.  Saturday morning was our town's egg hunt.

Dr Fabulous was already at the fields with Pink and Tink for early morning soccer, so Rella and I joined them later on.  On the drive over, the car started smelling up big time.  I looked over at CB and just cried out "Are you kidding me?!?!"  If you read Wednesday's post, you'll know this is the second time this happened within 72 hours.  

There was nothing I could do about it without missing the egg hunt which would have traumatized Rella.  
Then, ironically right in front of the egg hunt in the middle of the road was a dead bunny.  
What are the odds?
My friend said she told her girls "Oh, he's just sleeping."  
Good save. 

The kids had so much fun and saw many friends, but it was unseasonably cold! 
C'mon Spring, what's taking you so long?? You suck right now!

CB did pretty well at the hunt, sitting on the peripheries as usual, oblivious to the commotion until something set her off toward the end when I had to get her to the parking lot through the crowds and all I had was a fist full of her coat hanging onto 105 pounds of spitting, screaming, running wild child.

Always an adventure.  

Sunday, we headed up to Northern Jersey for a Palm Sunday brunch with all of the Dr. Fabulous family. 

We celebrated a jazillion birthdays.  Really, it was 8.  It made for a pretty funny happy birthday song.

Happy Monday! 
It's snowing here in Jersey and the streets are a slushy mess.  I can't wait until it finally starts feeling like Spring.  


Kim said...

A dead bunny in front of the egg hunt--what are the odds?! omg. Looked like a fun egg hunt!

Alicia D said...

i know, right????

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