Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why I Baked Cookies at 6:45 am Monday Morning

The weekend was a bit nutty.  Seems like everyone on the planet was born in March and the birthday celebrations are coming out of our ears with family and my kids' friends.  Spring Soccer also began and with three girls on three different teams at three different times across two days, it makes for some running around. We had a hectic Friday night shuffling to and from the soccer fields until last scrimmage ended at 8:30 pm. Plus, CB also had had a little monthly recreational program at her school which she needed to be shuttled to so thank God for friends helping me out with carpooling!

This commotion bled into a hectic Saturday of birthday parties and ending with taking 4 kids into Philly to my sister's while Dr Fabulous unfortunately stayed home sick. It started quieting down by Sunday afternoon, but by evening I was just wishing for Monday to come.

Monday morning came, just as I hoped.  As I was packing CB's book bag at 6:30 am, I noticed a reminder note to drop off the cookies I volunteered to make for the bake sale that benefits her school's prom.  I had to drop them off this morning.

The only problem was I didn't READ this reminder note until the morning of because I was so distracted this weekend.


Totally forgot all about baking these cookies, so after I put her on the bus at 6:35 I had until 7:15 before I had to get the other girls ready. I calmly raided my pantry (if it's even possible to calmly raid anything) and scrounged together enough ingredients (after 3 false starts) to bake about 3 dozen cookies.  I did this in a frenzied 30 minutes.

Don't ask me how I pulled this off AND got 2 kids ready for school completely on my own AND then got myself and Rella ready for immediate departure to drop off the cookies so we wouldn't be late to our 9:30 Writer's Group at the coffee shop. The best thing was, I wasn't even grumpy or stressed.  I was totally, weirdly, calm.  I suppose I'm so used to my chronic debacles that I'm completely unphased by myself.  I was even five minutes early for the Writer's group! I swear, some days I totally impress myself. 

Except the cookies sucked.  Royally.  

I'm good, but not THAT good.


Kim said...

just reading that made me feel a bit panicky inside! I'm impressed! (even if the cookies sucked--which I'm sure isn't true)

Christy said...

I'm impressed! And now I'm craving homemade cookies!

Alicia D said...

@kim -it's totally true. but they LOOKED good at least :)

kario said...

And this is why, in my most recent post about equanimity, I linked to your blog. This.

Hope the writer's group was great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,
I am the one who recommended Smart Mouth mouthwash for that morning dragon breath. I know a lot about dentistry, even though breath arguably has nothing to do with dentistry.

In some of the side view photos, it looks like CB has no lateral incisors. Is this the case and is this congenital? Do the other girls also have missing lateral incisors? Apparently it is a heritable condition.

Thank you,

Alicia D said...

Hi PT - Actually, she is missing just the one. That is her baby tooth still in there and xrays show that there is no adult tooth behind it. The other girls have all of their teeth where they are supposed to be :). CB did have a different dad from the other girls, though both he and I have our lateral incisors too so don't know what happened!
Thanks for the question :)

Tanya Savko said...

I know, it's so weird (but welcome!) when crazy busy days line up and we actually get everywhere we needed to be in a smooth, zen-like fashion. Cheers!

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