Thursday, April 4, 2013


From 3:30 to about 4:15 our house swirls around like the funnel of a tornado.  
Subdued chaos and bedlam.

The three buses arrive within about a 10 minute period, never quite as staggered as they are supposed to be so many times I'm stopping half way up the street as I go to the corner for Pink and Tink, grabbing CB on the fly.  Or she gets home first and doesn't want to be dragged out to the corner so she's full of piss and vinegar.  

Everyone wants a piece of my attention, which is understandable since three of them have been away from home for almost 8 hours.  Everyone is starving and thirsty and decompressing and chatty and needy so basically the house looks like a bomb went off.  

Of course, I'm happy they are home, but it is sort of a "rude awakening" on the senses when the onslaught begins after my three divine hours of peace and productivity.

Often CB gets distressed when there is too much commotion. 

But then everyone gets settled with their snack and Pink and Tink do their homework, something I've always insisted they do first thing because I want to instill good work habits. 

It's a wild little segment of the day, but it's music to my ears.


Maggie May said...

I know just what you mean.

Elizabeth said...

I don't know. It looks pretty sweet to me! My two boys make that look like a tea party!

Alicia D said...

@elizabeth - well, they had mellowed out by the time I got my camera out for these photos. Even so, Im sure girls are pretty different than pre-teen and teenage boys!! You got your hands full :)

kario said...

I can remember Eve coming home and heading straight to her room for some down time every day. As an introvert, being with people all day long just took it out of her and she had to go sit in her beanbag and daydream for 30 minutes or so before she could interact with us. Lola is a fireball and would whiz around like a whirling dervish babbling about her day and singing at the top of her lungs, so I have to keep the girls separated or all hell will break loose. I generally feed them, set 'em loose for half an hour and then we reconvene for homework. Otherwise we all hate each other by dinner. ;-)

Tanya Savko said...

I love seeing these little snippets of your daily life!

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