Thursday, May 2, 2013

tHERsDay: These Things That Are True

These things are true: The sky was cloudless and blue and the weather perfect.  We spent the morning at a playgroup in the park.  After an afternoon at the dermatologist, the girls all arrived home and we hung outside with my neighbor while the girls played.

These things are true: I took the girls to their art class, and back, to art class and back, to art class and back.  Yes, it's that many times. My essay appeared in Something Special Magazine today, page 8 (yes there are two typos and yes, that sucks).

These things are true: I have a glass of wine next to me and Dr. Fabulous just returned home at almost 10:00 pm.

These things are also true:  It was a difficult morning getting CB up and on the bus. She was uncooperative and I had to lug and lift 110 pounds of resistant teen, dodging spit balls. It was a crazy two hours surrounding that art class - After dropping two girls off for their art session, CB got into her poopy diaper while sitting for 5 seconds in the car while I talked to the art teacher at the doorway only inches away.  Her face, hand and clothes were covered.  We rushed home and I changed and cleaned her then rushed back out to pick up the two girls and drop off Pink for her art session.  We went home, and there was diarrhea number two and a bloody nose on the rug ten minutes before we had to return to pick up Pink.  Dinner was not eaten until almost 8:00 pm, bedtime was rushed, Tink had a tearful meltdown, the house was a wreck.

It was a beautiful day.  I am blessed. I love my life. Yet, these things are also true: Life, as we know it under this roof, is not easy.  Life long care of someone you love is never easy.  Life long care. Unless one lives the true extent of these words everyday, it is difficult to understand the impact.

Yet somehow, the many things that are both true and also true live together in this weird sort of harmony; bizarrely making sense.

And I am happy. I choose happy, which will always be true and also true.


My essay is on page 8, in the 'Mom 2 Mom' section. Click below on the image to read:  


Elizabeth said...

I love that girl, and I love you and how you choose to live your life and how you express and articulate those choices.

icansaymama said...

You are so right, it is all in the choice we make whether to be happy and enjoy what we have or choose to be unhappy and live a sad life.

Stefanie S. said...

I LOVE this post. You are amazing. I can so relate to so much that you write about. Thank you for this post and the reminder. Life is not easy but we CAN choose to be happy!

kario said...

Everything about this is so lovely - the fact that you stacked the positive things before the challenging ones, the fact that you acknowledge both and know that you're making a conscious choice, the fact that you had a glass of wine ;-).

Sending love and light.

Anonymous said...

Hi. =)
I love this.

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