Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up, Etc

The first official day of summer break has begun! 
The girls finished their school year on Friday. The past 9 1/2 months have FLOWN by! How did this happen?  I still don't think I've fully processed the fact that they are done another school year.  I now officially have a Kindergartener, Second Grader and Fourth Grader. CB has only three academic years left until she is done with school and on to the next phase of life... whatever that may be. *insert anxiety here* 

It's going so fast.  When will I stop saying that?

Bus Stop ~  First Day of School, 2012

Bus Stop ~ Last Day of School, 2013

Pink ~ September 2012

Pink ~ June 2013 

Tink ~ September 2012 

Tink ~ June 2013

CB ~ September 2013 

CB ~ June 2013

 Rella ~ September 2012

Rella ~ June 2013


Last week was Dr. Fabulous's birthday followed by Father's Day.   
We celebrated his special day with cake and gifts from the girls which included a "sword" made out of tin foil from Tink, handprints (meant to be given on Father's Day) from Rella, and $1.71 wrapped in a napkin from Pink. 

You gotta love the kid gifts. 
Mine actually were not too much better. 

We leave on vacation in 11 days, my in-laws are moving in with us (temporarily) tomorrow, our niece has been living with us for the past two weeks making five girls in the house, I've started working with an editor and I have zero free time to write, and there is a ton going on so I don't feel like summer has really started yet. 

Hopefully we'll get ourselves to the pool and start 'chillaxing' a bit. As for now, I'm dying under an avalanche of laundry and under the gun on a writing deadline so I'm gonna wrap this up while the kids are playing outside (by threat of cleaning the basement if they come back in the house). 


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Richelle said...

It amazes me how much kids grow and mature in one school year. Your girls are gorgeous as always! Great smiley pic of CB, by the way! I tend to struggle catching those with Polly. :)

Tanya Savko said...

I love the beginning/end of school pics! You can really see how they've grown. And CB's smile - wow! So wonderful.

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