Thursday, December 12, 2013

tHERsDay, A Little This, A Little That

Ugh, I hate when I get behind on the blog posts because then I have to shove everything all together in some sort of scrambled egg mess!  This is what happens when you're up to your chin in the holiday and enjoying every second of this busy time of year... and your internet goes down.

But, whatever. Here we are... how about I catch you up?  

The past weekend we had snow! A bunch more snow than they predicted.  "A dusting" they said. Well, 5-6 inches later we were in a bit of a mess.  But Saturday, was clear, cold and a beautiful day to do one of our 12 charity projects for the holidays. We participated in Wreaths for Remembrance at the Veterans Cemetery and helped lay wreaths (with 700 other volunteers) on 1800 graves.  

It was a good morning.

We also finished and mailed off all of our Holiday Cards for Heros. 

And dropped off some new books at the new book collection site for disadvantaged children. We're plugging away at our list!  

It not only snowed basically all day Sunday, making a 2 hour delayed opening for school Monday morning, but it also snowed Tuesday canceling school for their first official SNOW DAY of the school year!

Needless to say, the girls were super excited. They built three tiny snowmen, sled down our puny hill, had a snowball fight and played with some neighbors.

And no snow day would be complete without hot chocolate, old-school Christmas movies and a roaring fire!

Oh, since its tHERsDay, I'll share with you this awesome photo of CB's class at the mall visiting Santa.  I love this picture... it's really a photo OF a photo that was printed out on computer paper hence the crappy blurry image.  But, I love it anyway.  It's on my fridge and makes me smile every morning.

CB got so in the Christmas spirit tonight that she grabbed Jingles (our Elf on the Shelf) and started stimming with him... ya know, I guess he's nice and floppy, and all I hear is the girls screaming and freaking out in hysterics because SOMEONE IS TOUCHING JINGLES AND HIS MAGIC WILL GO AWAY!!!

So, now Jingles has been taken by our neighbor's Elf, Christopher, to the North Pole hospital for some R & R to get his magic back.  For the love of Pete... like I didn't have enough to worry about!!

Well, that about catches you up to speed. 


Elizabeth said...

It's good to get caught up -- I always love hearing what ya'll are up to! And that photo of CB up on your masthead is gorgeous --

kario said...

Busy as always! Love the Christmas happenings around your place and I love seeing the snow on the computer screen instead of my backyard!

Merry merry.

Tanya Savko said...

We had a few snow days here too (and ice days - bad roads, oy). Never thought I'd get excited about it reaching 35 degrees - so that the ice on the roads would melt! I love all your pics, and btw, your living room is gorgeous! xo

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