Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up, Easter Style

Another Easter has come and gone. The colors were vibrant, the sun was shining, the sugar had the kids buzzed until 10:00 pm.  It was the usual.

The girls decked themselves out in their favorite dresses. Rella in a hand-me-down, Tink had borrowed Pink's dress and Rella's sweater. Pink, who usually hates dresses, was rocking one of the few she owns that I can get her into without complaint.  CB was MIA enjoying her Spring Break in Maryland with her Dad and grandparents. 

Rella woke us up at 6:30 am to announce that it was Easter and could they look for their baskets!
We held her off until about 7:15.  You would think these baskets are the most amazing things in the world, but they are actually pretty modest.  I love that they get so excited about this stuff.  It makes everything more fun and it certainly won't be like this forever.

So, by 8:00 am the "Easter Bunny" part of the morning was complete and we moved on to celebrations with family and friends.

One of our neighbors has a wonderful annual brunch and Egg Hunt. It is not only an Egg Hunt, it is the world's most organized egg hunt in the world's best back yard for hunting.  This thing is a classic, complete with a huge buffet, many of their family, friends and neighbors, kids galore, yummy mimosas and holiday magic.  

Nothing says "egg hunt" like white crystal studded heels. 

Later that afternoon, we headed to my Mom's in PA and enjoyed another picturesque egg hunt on her property followed by her usual elegant dinner.

And to top off the evening, we busted out the home movies on the' old school' projector. My kids were all like "Uh, what the heck is that thing." And, silent movies projected onto a freakin' WALL?  That blew their mind. Thank God my brother-in-law knows how to operate this dinosaur! 

It was so cute to watch these films with our respective kids.  The resemblances between my niece and my sister, me and Pink, and my nephew and my brother were near uncanny.  We got to see our own parents young, in love and still together, our grandparents spry and healthy, and the exuberance of a happy childhood in our faces.  

It all goes so fast. So much changes. It's nice to sit back and appreciate all that has been with all you have now... and all you have left to live and enjoy. 

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