Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Last Week of School = Whooo Hoooo!

One is out, three to go!  

I have four kids in 3 different schools and of course this snowy winter has affected them all. They were supposed to be out on June 13th, but here we are on June 24th still rockin' the school days.  The three little ones get out tomorrow (Whooop Whooop!) but CB finished up yesterday.

Sitting outside at 6:30 am, waiting for the last bus of the 2013-2014 school year!

 CB will attend a 6 week "extended year" program throughout the summer, so she's back to school after the fourth of July... and I'm back to early morning alarm clocks and being home in the afternoon to meet the bus.  But, that's okay. She needs the continuity. In two years, she's out of school completely and forever and we're all on our own. 

Here is her first day of school photo.

And the happy last day of school photo when I picked her up a bit early.

It felt long. It felt short.  
Time is a flyin'.

By Wednesday, EVERYONE is officially ALL done and is "DONE done!"  But don't get me wrong... we still have morning swim practices Monday through Friday, Wednesday night and Saturday morning swim meets, Monday art class, Tuesday band practice and three days a week tennis lessons.  

Yeah, not quite the relaxing summers I'm used to.  But, I'm still excited!  We just need to get through the rest of this week (including my triathlon on Saturday) and we're gold!

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Kristi Campbell said...

Happy summer! Ours is too busy, too, with tutors, speech therapy, and kindergarten prep stuff... but still, it's sunny and lazy sometimes, and that works for me.

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