Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Book Review: 100 Things To Do Before You Are 10

Sometimes a little gem falls into my lap. 100 Things To Do Before You Are 10 is one of them. This book is co-authored by my friend Taralee O'Malley-Hurff who, along with Makaya Vista (Illustrator) and John O'Malley (Creative), wanted to encourage families to get "back to the basics" and just spend time together.

In a technology driven age, families are not just busy and over-scheduled but also distracted. 100 Things To Do Before You Are 10 encourages families to get out there and explore the world together! Get hands-on and interact with the environment AND each other... the old fashioned way. 

This book is perfect for young children - ideally I could see starting this with a toddler. My girls are 7, 9, and 10 and STILL got a kick out of looking through the book, already checking many things off the list. Honestly, though, I could see this working better when you start it young! 

The book serves as an inspiration and idea center for little outings and simple pleasures. In addition, it is also a journal where children can document each of the 100 activities as they complete them. The black and white pictures can be colored and under each picture is a space to write "What I Remembered Most" about each day. It's such a simple concept, but so powerful and important... it makes you wonder Why didn't I think of this?

From jumping into a pile of leaves, to riding a train, to visiting the library, the list goes on and on.

We have running through a sprinkler ...

watching a parade...

riding a bike...

learning the Pledge of Allegiance...

and giving someone flowers, as some examples.

The whole point of the book is to take every day activities and appreciate how special they are, especially when experienced for the first time through the eyes of a child.

As a parent, it brings a richer "living in the moment" meaning to things that may have seemed "ordinary" before. There are even cool activities in the appendices like a S'mores recipe and instructions on how to make your own volcano.

Of course, I'm already adding things like riding a miniature pony.

Playing a giant guitar.

Entering a cake eating contest.

Finding the world's largest peep.

Burying yourself in the sand.

Training wild cats.

Getting a pilot's license.

Learning to surf.

Breaking the World Record in Pom Pom shaking.

And, hanging off a giant's toe.

I love the interactive quality of this book and the journaling aspect. I also love the family-centric values within its pages. If you want more ideas, 100 Things To Do Before You Are 10  has a Facebook page which is filled with awesome crafts, outings and resources for kids. It's really great and is geared toward all ages. 

This simple, sweet little book will bring loads of memories and fun for the little ones. You can purchase the self-published 100 Things To Do Before You Are 10 for only $15.00 by directly contacting the author at:

Don't forget to follow 100 Things on Facebook for family friendly activity ideas and inspiration.


* I was neither compensated for this post nor asked to give a review. This is my own unsolicited opinion in support of a great person, great idea, and great little book!


Elizabeth said...

Well, darn! This would have been right up my alley years ago! I will definitely keep it in mind for gift-giving, though! And I wonder if your friend could sell it through Chinaberry? They are in San Diego, but their catalog has so many unique and wonderful, sweet books and gifts. I think they'd love this book!

Alicia D said...

I will pass on that info on Chinaberry! Thank you, Elizabeth :)

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