Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Putting a HEX on My Laundry

*** Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post . I was compensated for this post by HEX Performance. All opinions are still my own. 


We're a pretty active family. All three kids are playing travel soccer pretty much year round, one plays tennis, two swim, and they all run distance. Dr. Fabulous works out regularly and is an avid runner and I mostly run, but also bike and swim a little and do one or two triathlons a year. In the summer we hike a lot and bike and walk and even try things like kayaking or surfing.

 So we have a lot of performance apparell in all sizes around here. The girls have sweaty uniforms and chlorine-drenched bathing suits, I have my running apparel and my tri suit which I often wear for biking (mostly the bottoms as bike shorts) and the open water swims at the lake. Dr. Fabulous has his work-out gear which stinks to high heaven when he comes back from his runs (nothing says I love you more than washing your husband's smelly gym shorts without gagging).

Our athletic and performance apparel is very different from our other clothes. Plus, we sweat like pigs in them. The problem is that this performance apparrel needs to be cleaned VERY often ... but the more it's cleaned with harsh detergents, the more the fabric runs the risk of losing its shape and special wicking. These things aren't cheap, and the quality of the material is much different than your regualr "street clothes." Therefore, you really need a detergent that's powerful enough to kill the bacteria and odor, but gentle enough on these specialized fabrics.Yet, the laundry detergent industry hasn't really met this need.... until HEX Performance products! 

The good people at HEX Performance Products sent me some of their new, awesome laundry detergent to try. But this is not just ANY laundry detergent, people. As you can see just from the packaging (which is very cool, by the way, and super eco friendly which I love) this is for your smelly, stinky work-out gear. Sure, that might be your big cotton t-shirt and shorts if that's what you work-out in. But, HEX Performance Power + Laundry Detergent is really specifically designed for your performance apparel with all that fancy wicking, dri fit, compression, lycra, and everything else that makes you look like you're a serious athlete when you're jogging around the block. It's for your kids overpriced sports uniforms, and your stinky running clothes and your bike shorts and your kids's soccer socks which crackle with crispiness after a game. And let me tell you something... good athletic socks are shockingly expensive and I want to take care of those things because they take a good beating!

Did I mention I love their packaging?

HEX was designed by an athlete (major league lacrosse player, Drew Westervelt) to specifically clean performance apparel. Clearly, he saw a need in the industry and he has met this need! HEX broke down the science behind sweat (ewww) and created the first high performance laundry detergent with a long-lasting odor eliminating technology. They went beyond 'clean' and got to the root of the issue.

Stink comes from bacteria, and once bacteria gets into your fabrics, throwing some water and heavily perfumed laundry detergent on there isn't really going to address the problem. HEX developed a system of protection that creates a unique bonded barrier protecting your apparel with odor-fighting technology. This protects your clothing from odors associated with bacteria. So, your gear is not just getting a surface clean, it's almost getting "sterilized."

At the same time, they understand that these fabrics have unique characteristics, and so HEX Power + Laundry Detergent is very gentle on these high performance fabrics. Its patent-pending formula is anti-static (no need for dryer sheets!) plus it actually restores fabric wickability (yes, wickability IS a word!). It's good to know that I won't ruin the kids's pricey uniforms and bathing suits or my tri suit trying to get them clean with harsh detergents.

I love that HEX Power + Laundry is free of dyes and perfumes and optical brighteners — all of which are unnecessary chemicals to have on our skin and in our water and soil. But, hey, don't you want to smell clean like a field of daisies? Well, HEX thought of that too. HEX Enhance + Performance Booster is the perfect compliment to HEX Power + Laundry Detergent. It gives your performance apparel a nice clean fragrance... but, remember that HEX Enhance + Performance is NOT a laundry detergent. It cannot be used alone, but rather in conjunction with HEX Power + Laundry just to add that clean smell. Don't get confused, ya'll.

Why I love HEX

HEX Power + Laundry Detergent
* is tough on stains
* eliminates odors from sweat, bacteria, mold and mildew
* is specially designed for all performance fabrics
* keeps fabrics protected and performing at their highest quality 24/7

I know what you're thinking... Where can I find this cool, new stuff? 
HEX Performance Power + Laundry Detergent can be found at everyone's favorite store - WEGMANS!! Everything awesome is at Wegmans.

Though it is available at all Wegman's stores in the U.S., not everyone has a Wegmans close by. But fear not. You can purchase it online as well. Simply click HERE
HEX Performance product line has  a lot of cool stuff including Gear Wash for all your smelly gear and an On Demand Spray to eliminate odor and bacteria in footwear and gear. 

Their prices are really reasonable, too. I mean, a box of my typical laundry detergent costs just as much and doesn't do what HEX Performance + Laundry does! But, if you are unsure they have a $2.00 off coupon which can be printed out by clicking HERE.

Want to try it out for FREE? Enter this great giveaway, sponsored by HEX Performance. 

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Good Luck!


Cathy K. said...

I totally can relate to the washing of a spouse's smelly gym clothes. Sign me up!

Ashley Kolpak said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

Ashley Kolpak said...


Ashley Kolpak said...

Follow Hex Performance on Twitter as @aktheartist63

Anonymous said...

Whether I win or not, I am going to try this product. I love crossfit and I sweat ALOT! I would love to find a product that gets the stink out!

Anonymous said...

Is it hypoallergenic? My whole family can only use detergent for very sensitive skin or we have hives everywhere

Aleisha Victoria said...

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