Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up: Hoppin' and Runnin'

So, it was another jam-packed weekend with a track meet, swim practices, 3 soccer games, a Phillies game for Dr. Fab and a friend's 40th Surprise Bday Party for me, a charity event, Palm Sunday Family Dinner, and two races.

The Sunday race is part of a kids running series that Rella does. The Saturday race was our local 5K "Hop n' Run" that both Pink and Rella ran in. Pink grabbed a second place win for her age group and Rella came in first place overall. Not first place kid. Not first place girl. Not first place 14-and under. First place as in FIRST PERSON across the finish line - men, women, children... everyone.

Baby girl is on fire lately. She's all #BeastMode. This is when I question how we are related. Clearly, she has much more of her Dad's genetic material.

I am so super proud of Pink. She always pushes herself outside of her comfort zone. She wasn't sure she wanted to race today. She actually didn't even sign up until that morning, right there at the registration table. We never "force" our kids to run or play soccer or swim, or do anything. It's only if they want to. Today, I guess she was feelin' it. 

So proud of these cuties!

The nice thing about these local, "neighborhood" races is that we can ALL go and watch together without there being a major travel and parking hassle. I love it when CB can join our family events and everything runs smoothly!

We finished the day with soccer games and our respective adult nights out. Sunday we participated in the annual Easter Basket Drive where we helped organize then assemble thousands of Easter Baskets that go to children in homeless/domestic violence shelters and are passed out through various soup kitchens to financially struggling families.  

 Then we scooted over to my in-law's house for our Palm Sunday dinner and egg hunt. Always fun catching up and relaxing with family (well, relaxing for ME. Maybe not so much for my mother-in-law who hosts it!)

Easter is fast approaching. That bunny better get its butt in gear!

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