Monday, April 24, 2017

Dudes, My First Award. Ever.

Oh, what's that beautiful, inscribed glass vase you ask? That's just my award from Hearts United Against Cancer. You know, my first of... well, my FIRST ever! How cool is that? 

Technically, it's a volunteer award. I was the 2017 Cancer Hero Volunteer, but I REALLY got it for having fun and feeling good and hanging out with some awesome people. Who thought you could be awarded for something so selfish?

 And here we are... the "power couple."

Hold on. I'm laughing too hard. 
Still laughing. 

Okay. So, anyway, Dr. Fabulous is the one who is usually raking in the awards. I am usually the one clapping while he stands up at the podium. But, tonight our roles were reversed. I've never seen anything cuter than this man gushing over with pride and excitement for me. He was, like, telling everyone about this event in the weeks leading up to it, then singing my praises all night, and video tapping my little speech with a big smile on his face. I got more of a kick out of HIS reaction than anything else!

I have been active as a volunteer with Hearts United Against Cancer since 2015. I didn't know anything about them until I received a Care & Comfort Bundle right after my breast cancer surgery. A friend of mine, who was also a Board Member of this new non-profit, had requested this Bundle for me, and delivered it to my home. 

The basket was beautiful - filled with so many items personalized just for me. There was a book, a gift card, a cute coffee cup, a journal, a robe, and other little items. There was also a beautiful lap blanket that was hand crocheted by someone who didn't even know me. This basket was more than a "gift," it was filled with love and compassion. It brought me a great deal of cheer during a vulnerable time and made me feel less alone.

I researched the organization and found that there were so many great ways to volunteer and get involved. So, I vowed to pay the feeling forward. 

That's how I met Beth, the founder of this non-profit, and that's how I became a volunteer. So did my kids, who help decorate cards and go to the big Saturday events. 

My dad and step mom came out to support me, as did my in-laws. My mom and step dad were still in Morocco and couldn't make it. 

The Gala was great, we knew lots of people there and had so much fun. I was so tickled to be recognized like this, but honestly, I am the one who is honored to be part of this amazing group. The only silver lining of getting cancer was that it led me to this amazing group of wonderful women and I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

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