Thursday, May 11, 2017


Aftermath of a late night seizure and a day at her program. Zonked out on the floor 10 minutes after arriving home.


Elizabeth said...

Oh how I love tHERsDays and that CB.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up with CB's ear protectors? She never wore them before and now she has them on in many photos.


Alicia D said...

Hi Smart Mouth,

Wow, you are very observant LOL. Yes, I bought these noise reduction headphones for her a few months ago when she was having very severe behavioral problems (didn't blog about that whole hot mess). She LOVES them... even sleeps with them. They were the best $11.00 I could have ever spent!

And, by the way... I recently started using Smart Mouth mouth rinse and LOVE it... you are connected with that product, right? It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Well, I told you about Smart Mouth. I am not connected with it other than knowing about it. The inventor wanted to get it down to one bottle, because the two-bottle system was cumbersome. The two liquids need to be mixed just before use or they lose potency. Now there is a double spout in a single bottle.

In other news, how and why did you know that CB was having problems with noise?


Alicia D said...

I wasn't really sure if the noise was bothering her, but she loves having pressure on her ears. She often holds her hands over her ears or puts MY hands on her ears. I figured she might like the gentle "pressure" of the headphones. I didn't realize how MUCH she would absolutely love it! It was a time when I was trying a whole bunch of different things that worked for many kids on the spectrum and just saw what she liked and what she didn't. The headphones were a hit!

Anonymous said...

My son has autism and epilepsy as well. Vaccine damage is horrific.

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