Friday, February 13, 2009

Romance In the Air, Diarrhea Everywhere

My husband and I rock in the romance department. Check out THIS Valentines day line-up. I kick off the weekend with a Friday Gyno exam. That will probably be the most action I get, as I seem to have my period all but 4 days out of each month (too much info, I know). The awesome part is that I have to bring a 4, 3, and 14 month old to the appointment with me. That's always a blast.

Then, we will spend actual Valentines day driving 2 hours to Northern Jersey to attend our niece's 9th birthday party (with 23 of her closest, Jonas-Brothers-Crazed friends). Then, we'll pack her in our minivan and drive the 2 hours home, babysitting our niece (which makes 5 children in the house) through the weekend until Wednesday. Wow. Sounds hot, right? Who said the romance has to die after marriage and kids!

There's only one thing that could make it more wonderful. A stomach bug has been ripping through families of New Jersey for several weeks now. Fast, furious, and attacking both ends of its innocent victims. It seems my baby has just been "hit." Unless we manage some kind of miracle, I'm pretty certain my family will be suffering all weekend as the germs party hop from GI track to GI track. Ah, nothing says love like the stomach bug...

Candy? Flowers? Jewelry? Candlelight dinner? Who needs that when you have a full house plus one, a stomach flu, your house on the market, and never ending PMS.


tiffrutherf said...

lol too funny..I feel your pain!!

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

im loving your blog!! you are so real and down to earth. im responding here, however, bc your comments link do not work for me... dont know why! anyway, i hope you get this to know that im rootin' for you on all your journeys... with your fitness and your son! :)
Alicia "Dr. Mom"

hellokittiemama said...

oh YUCK! Been there.

Guess what - I dealt with my little guy THROWING UP on valentine's day.

Big fun!

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