Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day Recap

Well, we made it through Valentines weekend relatively unscathed, but certainly far from romantic. I didn't even get a card, let alone gift or flowers. I think maybe my husband said "Happy Valentines Day" at one point. But, honestly, we're not big V-Day people anyway, so I wasn't disappointed.

So, Valentines Day started out at our typical 6:00 am with the rising of the kids. For the 3rd day in a row to we wake to find the baby and her crib covered in vomit. Okay, guess we're dealing with a 72 hour bug here, but we're hopeful that this is the tail end. Gratefully, no one else has gotten sick... or so we thought as we're driving 2 hours to Northern Jersey to go to our nieces 9th birthday party. Half way there, our 4 year old projectile vomits once, and then has an encore presentation. We sequester her in a bedroom during the party, then take our niece back home with us for her 5 day stay.

Thankfully, our daughter didn't get sick the rest of the day and by Sunday she and the baby felt fine. So far, so good with the rest of the family. I'm keeping our fingers crossed.

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