Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Married To A "Miva"

About three times a month I subject myself to serious sleep deprivation by going on my Girl's Night Out excursions. Today I am recovering from a 1:00 am bedtime. At 6:00 am, I stumble bleary-eyed down the stairs into the kitchen to do my first 2 morning rituals: 1) Start the coffee and 2) Turn on the Laptop. I notice the giant stainless soup pot sitting on the stove. I had made a huge batch of tortellini soup last night - enough for my family's dinner and enough to freeze for another day. I go to put the pot in the sink, and it's full of soup. Soup I spent time and money cooking yesterday. Soup that is now skunked, bad, riddled with cooties from sitting there for 11 hours.

Now, this could have been a big whoops. An honest mistake. But no, this is not the first time such a thing has happened. In fact, on the few nights I come home late, everything is waiting in the kitchen for me to clean, put away, etc. Many a left over meal has been wasted or had to be wrapped at midnight because somehow my husband is too immensely busy between the hours of 7:30 pm and bedtime. This is just one of many things I have noticed getting progressively worse over the past 4 years of being a stay at home mom. I fear my once enlightened, helpful chore-sharing husband is now becoming quite spoiled by our new arrangement since I've been staying home.

I was venting about this with my neighbor today. I told her my fear, that he is turning into a Man Diva, to which she replied: "Oh, he's a Miva!"

He IS a Miva. He didn't quite start out that way, and I didn't see it coming, but in many ways he IS a Miva. And, not just with the house work, but when we were getting married he was definately the chick and you should see this guy order food at a restaurant with so many substitutions, "on the sides" and special instructions. Oh yes, he will deny it, but he is high maintenance. I am married to a Miva.

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