Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Where Land

It's our second "official" Snow Day here in the Armpit of America and the largest snow fall this area has seen in years. Now tell me, does THIS look like a smelly pit to YOU?

That's our yard. You're jealous, I know. But, the upside of such a nice yard comes with the downside of being in the sticks. We're within 20 minutes of a Target, though. That's all I asked.
Snow Clue
You know, I've noticed that many very successful bloggers post photos on their blog. I know, this is news breaking. I'm always one to be on the techie cutting edge. Heather Armstrong of the infamous Dooce is quite a wonderful photographer and I notice her and many other popular bloggers with amazing, quirky, and fun photo galleries. That's what I need to do: Post more pictures. Starting...NOW. Maybe that's the secret to their popularity- other than being extremely talented and hilariously witty. Hmm, I can do the picture thing... one out of 3 ain't bad. Okay, I'm digressing from the snow.

Snow Way
Four kids. Snow and ice. Bitterly cold. Trapped. Isolated. These snow days aren't all they're cracked up to be. Thank the Lord that my neighbor had the same fear of "Snow Day Induced Mommy Dearest Syndrome" and invited some friends over. So, I walked 4 kids over in the snow (one in my jogging stroller with terribly deflated wheels, because lets face it - I haven't jogged in 10 years with or without a stroller). We had hot chocolate, a little girl talk, my kids destroyed her house, she made them PB&J, yadda yadda. Awesome SAHM day. I *heart* my neighbor!

Snow How
The problem is that we eventually had to come home. This caused quite an existential crisis for me. Right now I'm trying to figure out why I can't get my act together. I feel like all 4 of the kids are operating on different schedules... well really there's no schedule at all. It's a complete flippin' free for all. Because my husband is never home for dinner, we don't eat as a family. (According to the research, that means all my kids will end up using drugs, having pre-marital sex, and getting bad grades. All except my Autistic child who will just pretty much stay Autistic. Well, at least there's predictability there).
I'm cooking different things for different kids, plus something else for my husband which will be ice cold by the time he gets home. The baby is pouring out a box of Minute Rice all over the floor because I can't seem to invest in child-safety latches for the cabinets. Instead we use rubber bands because we're cheap... I mean frugal... no, I mean so totally cheap. The rubber bands are always snapping in half. It's no use, and I suppose a choking hazard. Literally, I feel like a thousand things are going on at once. People asking for juice, getting up, knocking over stuff, phone ringing... I mean, it is total insanity. I believe that if I just had a 'schedule' we all wouldn't be so crazy. I can't expect them not to behave like 3, 2, and 15 month olds, can I? It is I who needs to change. If Kate can do it with "plus 8," I certainly can with 4, right?

Snow Dice
A day snowed in is a perfect day to check a whole bunch of things off your To Do List. Okay, guess what I checked off mine. Here's the list:
  1. Schedule daughter's orthopedic appt
  2. Schedule 4 year old and my dentist appt
  3. Clean the house, since it's on the market and all
  4. Write my 3 year old daughter's Thank Yous from her birthday party, in January
  5. Organize my closets. Again, House. On Market. People snooping.
  6. Do the endless laundry
  7. Call Water Softener Maintenance Guy to service our thingy in the basement
  8. Eat a half gallon of low fat Cookies and Cream Ice Cream
  9. Blog
  10. Yell at kids
Okay, basically I only accomplished numbers 8, 9 and 10. What in God's name have I been doing all day?!?!?
Snow Where Land
I come down from putting the 2 littlest ones to bed, hubbie still not home. My 13 year old (with Autism) is standing in the kitchen half naked eating a frozen waffle. I mean, a waffle that she took out of the freezer that was FROZEN. Okay, better than when she was gnawing through the plastic wrap on a block of cheese or when she eats her own pooh. Whatever. She was half way done. I just let her finish.
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