Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hit and Run!

This is what results when you mix

this with


Yes, that was my mailbox laying in the street. My neighbor, L, ran into it backing down my driveway last night.
L and I had decided to catch up since we haven't seen each other in a while. She came over for gnocchi and wine. Somehow, the night ended with her decapitating my mailbox while backing out of our driveway. She felt horrible, but I simply could not stop laughing. She offered to pay for the damages, but I let her know the bottle of wine she brought over would more than cover the crappy-ass mailbox.
I forewarned her that this was blog-worthy. L, you were forewarned!
I'd like to make you believe that the death of my mailbox was the result of housewives partying like rock stars at 8:00 pm on a Tuesday night. But no. This was the result of a mad rush home to see the Final and Most Shocking Rose Ceremony Yet on the Bachelor! Come clean, L! You know it's true!

Actually, she did me a favor. That mailbox was ugly as sin.

1 comment:

Stimey said...

Hilarious. I have a lamp post near my driveway that I'd love to have L come over and mow down. Is she free?

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