Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday's Stream Of Consciousness

My husband actually asked me and our financial advisor (as we were signing documents, dated 5/5/09) if Cinco de Mayo was always on the 5th. Um, riiiiight. He has a doctoral degree and everything.

We were watching Lilo and Stitch last night for the first time. I haven't seen it in a while, so of course I was as transfixed as my 4 year old. When Stitch speaks for the first time, he says "Lost." It was a very poignant moment in the film as Stitch began to start developing a conscience and feel a need to be connected to a family. Pink turns to me with glassy tear-filled eyes and a huge smile on her face. She says "He just talked for the first time! I just can't stop smiling!" My eyes filled with tears too. At her emotional reaction, and my own. I'm feeling a bit lost right now myself. But then I remind myself to look at what's right in front of me: a fantastic husband and 4 perfect little children. I overlook this blessing far too often, focusing on other empty holes in my life. I need to stop taking my blessings for granted.

Back to my funky mood that vacillates from broody/blue to annoyed/bitter. Here's what I'm finding myself annoyed about, Oh lovely person that I've become:

my husband whistling the same Hannah Montana song over and over again; the Twitter obsesson; people that pass the buck; passive aggressiveness (Oh, I'm calling people OUT on that the past few weeks); key jangling; political opinions no one has asked for; busy weekends; the stinking rain that will not stop falling from the sky for a solid week; slow shoppers; and cleaning up poop from my carpet. Smeared in, diarrhea-like poop. Yes, CB is at it again. Painting the town brown.

And being out of diet pepsi, like I am now. Totally jonesin' for one.

I am such a nice person, I can't stand it. Such a pleasure to be around.

That's Friday's stream. Polluted as it is.


Anonymous said...

I get your mood. I'd be annoyed too if my husband kept whistling a Hannah Montana song! As for poo cleanup, just this very day I sent my mother a photo of my foot... with green, runny poop on it (and there's some extra poop on the carpet.)Yes, my daughter had a bowel movement on my foot. Wanna see it?

Elizabeth said...

Except for the constant rain and the poop on the carpet (poop in a 14 year old's diaper could replace it), I could have written the post myself. Too bad we're not neighbors -- we could drag out those metal shopping carts and go bargain shopping or some other old lady type thing --

in all seriousness, i hope that you feel better soon.

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Ah, that must be why Nigel likes Lilo and Stitch so much. That was sweet of Pink to get so emotional about it!

Sorry to hear about the poo painting. My son used to do that with his blood from bloody noses. One day last year he just stopped. So here's hopin'!

SE'LAH... said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Mommy land...wonderful, isn't it?

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