Thursday, May 7, 2009

Whose S'whining Now?

For weeks I've been watching the drama of the Swine Flu unfurl around my quiet suburban town. As a Stay At Home Mom surrounded by other Stay At Home Moms, we follow these issues quite closely. Sick kids, or avoidance thereof, is usually a hot topic. Well, for everyone but me. My religious use of hand sanitizer should lead one to believe I am a few steps away from being a card carrying Germaphobe, but alas... I have many "phobes" but not so much of the germ variety.

So, as the craze rips thorough the media, the information mutates more quickly than the virus itself. Next thing you know, Whisper Down the Lane distortions are in full effect... For example: "I heard it's a pandemic" turns into "It's the black plague and we're all going to die." Or, "It is a virus that originated in pigs, as most viruses originate in domesticated animals" morphs into "Don't eat any pork or you'll get the plague and die!"

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