Friday, May 15, 2009

How Many Nights Can I Serve Mac and Cheese?: Confessions Of A Culinarily-Challenged Mother

Does boxed Macaroni and Cheese count as a home-cooked dinner? Does that packet of powdered orange stuff count as a serving of dairy? How many consecutive nights can you serve it, without an accompanying veggie, before your children get scurvy?

Don't answer. Please.

You're answering in your head. I hear you.

I am someone who is both educated and interested in diet and nutrition, but cannot seem to translate my passion into practice. I love collecting a variety of recipes and designing the perfect health-conscious meals in my imagination. I am even one of the few people out there who actually enjoy grocery shopping. I love to read labels and dream of a pantry full of nothing but organics and a fridge full of fresh produce and hormone-free, grass and grain fed meats (sparingly). But when it comes right down to it my talents as a chef, my budget, and the joy the physical ACT of cooking actual brings me all fall a little short. That's a nice way of saying: 1) I'm lazy 2) I'm cheap and 3) I'm no Rachael Ray. CONTINUE READING THIS POST ON THE NEW JERSEY MOMS BLOG >>>


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

I love this post! Viva hot dogs! It's one of the only foods both of my children will eat! Easy = keeping your sanity!

Claire said...

Liking the suggestions on the other site, there sweetie??? hee hee hee...

adrienne said...

alicia, i'm right there with you...everyday i wonder what kind of incredible damage i'm doing to my children's cerebral development from the lack of green-leafies in their diet.

my summer break intention(read that correctly, intention!) is to do some sort of 'eating through the alphabet' with them...a new letter on the chalkboard, and a fruit or veggie starting with that letter at each meal.

i'll blog about it if i make it past 'B' for 'beet'!

Jeannie said...

Hey girl. Totally behind on your blog. Trying to catch up. I know how you feel about mac-n-cheese. It's one of the few items that would be considered "good" (notice the quotes) that Mr. Busypants will eat.

I used to shred cheddar cheese and add that (I prefer shredding to buying it pre-shredded; less preservatives and it melts and tastes better) to the mix for a creamer, yummier, more nutritious version.

Mr. Busypants used to eat it that way, but now he complains that "it's different." God forbid!

Interesting side note: here I'm talking about cheese and my word verification is gased. LOL!

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