Thursday, October 1, 2009

Goody Bag Guilt

At some point, a group of people invented the "Child's Birthday Party" complete with accompanying paraphernalia and ritual: Butter cream frosted cake, the very original Happy Birthday song, candles, gifts, hats and horns. Somewhere in the genesis of the Birthday Party, the concept of a "Goody Bag" was also introduced. I'd like to blame the invention of the Goody Bag on a man, as men are usually the ones behind such detestable things as the corset, big uncomfortable maxi pads, high heeled shoes and thong underwear. But I really think women... mothers in particular...are to be blamed for this one. Perky, Susie Homemaker, June Cleaver Mothers from an era long gone. I make this conclusion because I know of NO mother today who adores handing out OR receiving said junky goody bag at party's end. I say, we mothers may have started this senselessness but it is within our power to finish it too. Read More Of This Post At New Jersey Moms Blog >>>>

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