Friday, October 2, 2009

We're Still Rockin' The Flock Of Seagulls

My girls have the world's slowest growing, baby fine, wispy, thin hair known to all of mankind. They are all born bald as cue balls and the hair is very slow to grow. In fact, Pink didn't have her first haircut until she was 4. Even then, that first "haircut" was really just a trim to even things out. Tink, who will be 4 in January, has yet to have received her first haircut either. Her hair is barely past her chin. The drawbacks of their hair quality is outweighed by the beauty of its unique color. They both have chestnut brown locks with amazing golden highlights that women pay big bucks for. It's like, the color of Tiger's Eye stone, matching exactly with their gorgeous eyes.

Well, thin hair tends to look scraggly (I know this from personal experience) and so my husband and I thought it would be nice to shape their hair up a little. My husband plays hookie from work for an hour and meets us at the overpriced Salon de Kids - which IS very cute but I just get sick thinking about spending $12.00 plus tip on a child's hair. But, they did look adorable and the ladies were super nice.

This was Tink's FIRST EVER IN HER LIFE haircut and Pink's first ever cut by someone who was not me in our bathroom armed only with a pair of kitchen sheers and a prayer.


Though Pink has fantasized for months, staring through the window of this salon, at sitting on the pink motorcycle while getting styled, she sweetly volunteered to give the motorcycle to Tink. This act of altruism was because shortly before entering the salon, Tink scrapped her big toe and it was bleeding and she was freaking out crying. Pink, the caretaker, asked Tink if she'd like to sit on the pink motorcycle and stayed true to her word. That girl is the sweetest most compassionate little thing ever.

Unlike friends of mine whose 3 years olds donate 16 inches of hair to Locks Of Love, Pink and Tink's cuts amounted to barely 4 inches, combined.

Yes, these are my little Rapunzels here. Even with Tink's little trim she's still rockin' the Flock Of Seagulls swoop. I don't know what the deal is with that swoop she's got going on, but she's had it ever since her hair grew in and I can't train it to go otherwise.

Total change of subject: The weird bad luck things have subsided. For the most part. I have not burned sage because I cannot FIND sage anywhere, but I've managed to improve my mood and perspective despite 2 out of the 4 kids getting diarrhea. I still have random things happen, but on a much smaller and manageable scale. Like, I got a giant (and I mean GIANT) splinter UNDERNEATH my fingernail. It just went in at the right angle to piece directly below my nail and the tippy top broke off when I tried to remove it so there is like a long splinter completely submerged under my pinky fingernail. For, like, ever perhaps? Then, 2 days later I woke up with conjunctivitis or pink eye. How the hell are you supposed to tell the difference? I don't know. But it's probably because I wear my disposable contacts about 4 months longer than recommended. Or it's because Rella's snot from whatever SHE'S been sick with had made it not only into my hair, but into my eyeball as well. The eye problem mainly stinks because I have to wear my glasses now and not only are they coke bottle bottoms that minimize my eyeballs into tiny peas, but they are totally crooked and too loose after I fell asleep in them once and bent the frames. As you can imagine I look soooo hot. Total Rock Star.

We still don't know if we're going to get our $3,000 back from the company we "bought" our master bath vanity from, and we're still fighting to get our $1,000 deductible back from the one (out of 3) car accidents which was the ONLY one that actually WASN'T my fault. Of course,the other guy involved swears it was because he must have nothing better to do with his lame life than conjure up falsehoods and pursue lost causes. Go for it dude. Don't worry about ME. I have a money tree in my back yard. I'll just pick off some hundreds later today.

But, at least my INTERNET is working (*knock knock*) which I'm ashamed to admit makes a huge difference in my mental state. And despite several set backs with our new house, it is still overall going great and it looks so pretty...


Beth L. Gainer said...

Love your posting. I relate to your daughters because I didn't have hair until I was about three. My mom used to Scotch tape bows to my hair because people kept commenting on what a cute boy she had!!

Love the pictures. Your house is AWESOME looking!!

Michelle said...

Too cute. Pink is such a girly girl. You can tell she's having the time of her life getting her hair blown out. Were you wearing glasses today? Didn't notice. But anyway, I think conjuctivitis and pink eye are the same thing. Can't wait to see that house finished - can I come over to cook your first meal?? My cooking truly deserves a kitchen of such greatness. In the meantime, I'll be slaving away over here in my 4 x 8 kitchen and its mismatched appliances. OH THE HUMANITY!!! Add an arthritic, deaf, dumb and blind 20 year-old shedding german shephard who takes up half of the cooking area, a one-year-old and three-year-old and I'm convinced that I'm shaving a minimum of 6 months off of my life every time I prepare dinner.

Corrie Howe said...

Love the pictures! Love the hair! Glad to hear the black clouds may be departing from overhead. Your house looks lovely. And I can tell you must have your internet back because I've "seen you around" more lately. Glad to hear that something that helps your mental state is handy. I loved the post about goody bags the other day!

Elizabeth said...

Your girls are so freaking cute! And that house -- wow! You're going to have so much room! It's downright scary how much our homes are here in Los Angeles -- I live in a shoebox and it's worth -- well, I'm too embarrassed to say.

michelle said...

Jack was peeking over my shoulder and says your girls look like baby super models!

tiffrutherf said...

Hay! My internet back up again also..I swear it had somthing to do with the kids.

Love the hair cuts my two year old is running around looking like Angla Davis half the time so i threw some Fench braids (or corn rows as my Grandmother calls them) in her head and called it a day.

Love your house! WOW!!

Queenbuv3 said...

We have the complete opposite problem with hair in this house. We all have thick curly hair!

I fantasize about waking up and just brushing my hair and going on with my day. Instead, I have to either wash my hair and start all over or put TONS of product and water in it to try and revive the curls and not look like I just stuck my finger in a light socket! My daughter seems to have the "straightest" hair so far but I'm sure puberty will bring on the curls.

I just got so frustrated with mine that I cut it all off again! My hubby shaves his head and I keep my son's short. It seems to be the best solution when you have really curly thick hair, have as little as possible to deal with!!

I don't think anyone is ever happy with their hair. If it's fine they want it thicker, if it's thick they want it thinner. If it's straight they want more texture, if it's curly they want it straight!

Ugh, hair!

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

Your house is amazing, your girls are the cutest, and I completely understand about the Internet! I'm lost whenever I'm without it!

cameramom said...

I have the opposite hair problem. I have tons and I shed like I'm going bald. If the vaccuum hose is clogged or the beater bar won't move, it's my hair. 6 people live in this house but the only hair you find is mine (we know it's all mine, I'm the only redhead in the house!). If you like, your girls can follow me around and gather up enough hair for several wigs. Your girls are so cute!

Elizabeth said...

Totally off topic, but did you ever hear anything about your uggs? Mine are about a year and a half old and they have a hole in them too!!! I sent Ugg an email, but I would rather get them repaired locally in a leather shop, if they can even repair them!! I spent $180 on these!!!

Alicia (aka Dr. Mom) said...

hey elizabeth,
I cant access your profile page to respond about my uggs to you directly... but mb you'll check back here???? Yes, my uggs are still sitting in my closet with the stupid hole plaguing me. ive been too lazy to do anything about it. but i NEED to as it is coming upon Ugg weather here in jerseyland. if you made any headway with the uggs company, please let me know in my blog or via email (which you can access on my blog under 'contact') :) good luck!!

Anonymous said...

That's so funny b/c I just saw uggs for sale and instantly thought of you. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL and so is your new home!

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